Paypal pain, need help:(

  gazmix 18:30 08 Aug 2007

I went to a site to by something.
I want 2 different items.
I clicked on the 'add to basket' for item 1!
It opened up a new Window, the Paypal homepage.
I logged in.
It asked for address to whom i pay, how much the item was- £1.50 & i clicked continue.
It said 'invalid amount'!!!.
Both items are £1.50, but this is just the 1st i'm ordering, i need to add something else!
When i 'add to basket', it normaly goes to paypal after i have added all i want to basket!
I don't know if there's a postal charge or anything!
I've ordered from them before & ok, maybe i'm doing something wrong & is simply rectified!

Help appreciated


  [email protected] 18:34 08 Aug 2007

I assume this is an Ebay transaction.Suggest you contact the seller.

  gazmix 18:41 08 Aug 2007

N, it's not ebay, i click on 'send money' when the paypal window opens & i add the address & amount & it says 'invalid ammount', but thats just after i click on the 1st item i add to basket!
I assumed i'd add as many items as i wanted & then checkout.
Its here click here

  hastelloy 18:46 08 Aug 2007

there's a button to "Continue shopping". You can add as much as you like and then go back to the PayPal page to make your payment.

  gazmix 18:50 08 Aug 2007

Cheers , i 'll have a look at that.
It also says under'things to do' GET VERIFIED'
I did this last time i used paypal in 2006 & didn't think i'd have to do it again! Like it deposits a couple of amounts in your account!
I guess i don't need to do this again?

  gazmix 18:59 08 Aug 2007

No, there isn't anything on the bottom of the page saying continue shopping!
I get directed to paypal website, click on send payment, add email address & amount! But i don't know if this is the amount for the item or both items, i haven't added the other one yet!. both items are £1.50, so should i put £3.00.
Both seem to not want to be accepted!

  kelemvor 19:12 08 Aug 2007

I think Paypal will normally give you a breakdown of what it is that you need to pay for before you actually have to put in your email etc.

But if you've put something into your shopping basket and haven't paid for it yet, then technically uou haven't bought/ordered it yet have you. So don't worry - just go back to you basket, remove the items, shop again and then try using paypal.

Normally when you shop for something you do your shopping first and then go to the checkout, so if you're at the payment screen then you'll be paying only for the stuff in your basket ie 1.50 worth.

But, if you do it like that, then you'll be doing 2 transactions.

  hastelloy 07:16 09 Aug 2007

there's a button at the bottom "Continue Shopping" next to the "Proceed to checkout" button

  gazmix 17:59 09 Aug 2007

Marg seems to be more correct!
I want to buy 2 things that cost £1.50 each
I click on 'add to basket' on 1 item & it takes me to paypal.
I login & click 'send payment'.
I add the address & amount but it says incorrect amount!
I haven't added the other item yet!!
2 items would cost £3.00
then there's post & delivery, i don't know how much this is!
Still no luck!
Maybe i should try & buy something over £5.00 & see what happens!

  gazmix 21:55 10 Aug 2007

Anyone, help!!

  gazmix 13:19 11 Aug 2007

when i add to basket, it takes me to the paypal site, i then add the price of that item, £1.50.
It says invalid ammount.
The total cost of what i want + packing may come to over £5, i don't know, as i seem to have to order each item individualy!
unless i click on add to basket for the 1st item & put in the total cost, but then i wouldn't have added item 2.
I thought i'd be able to add items to basket & then checkout with a list of my items displayed!

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