paypal and other means of payments

  herc182 19:04 29 Nov 2005

I am looking to start a business on the net and am looking at ways that people could pay me.

i see that paypal takes a percentage of the money. its ok when low fees but when its a few thoussand pounds then it makes a difference!

are there any other methods for payment?

a wire transfer (for example), is that just a case of getting people pay straight into my bank account (by supplying them with my bank details?)


  VCR97 19:23 29 Nov 2005

Might be worthwhile contacting your local Chamber of Trade for advice.

  howard63 19:23 29 Nov 2005

I would be very reluctant to give out bank details to anyone other than highly trusted family and friends.

  GaT7 19:27 29 Nov 2005

"I would be very reluctant to give out bank details to anyone other than highly trusted family and friends" - howard63, there might be some value in that but think about a personal cheque which has ones bank details & signature. G

  herc182 19:28 29 Nov 2005

chamber of trade? not sure what that is. will put it into google....

what other way is there of getting money transferred to my account (safely) without incurring large costs?


  Hamish 19:31 29 Nov 2005

Try typing money transfer in Google

  GaT7 19:45 29 Nov 2005

See click here, & some, apart from PayPal, I've used (to pay others mostly) click here / click here & click here. G

  herc182 14:54 01 Dec 2005

are paypals charges click here reasonable? or can i get better elsewhere??

looking at crossbow7 links but they seem to charge also...

  spuds 17:33 01 Dec 2005

There will be charges were ever you try, including your own bank. More so, when you open a business account, which will be required if you are trading on a regular basis.

Regarding Chamber of Commerce, that will be in your local telephone guide or advice centre. Alternatively look for your local business advisory centre. JobPlus or your local library may have this information and other suitable material.

  AFoxyLady 17:48 01 Dec 2005

My own personal experience is with Worldpay. I believe they are very similar to Paypal. We have a shooping basket on our web site as well as access to a virtual terminal. However, as with all secure epayments they are expensive. I think we are currently paying around 4.5% on credit card receipts, and they do hang on to your money!
click here Check this link out - i t might help.
We are also setting up a new business and havig a second web site. This time around however, we have gone direct to our bank and negotiated a deal. They are heping us with the application, and chip & pin machine etc. Try your local business bank manager, you never know!

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