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  dms05 11:01 14 Dec 2006

I 'bought' an item on ebay on 18 Nov and paid via Paypal with my Credit card. The delivered price was almost £350. The seller said the item was based in Duxford, Cambridge but after completing the 'buy now' option and paying it became obvious the seller was German and based in Hamburg.

Needless to say I never received the item and the seller has done all he can to delay dispatch. He now fails to answer ebay messages.

I have opened a Paypal dispute and immediately escalated to a Paypal claim as this may well be a scam - the seller has received negative feedback from several German buyers.

To safeguard myself can anyone who understands the whole Paypal procedure advise me if I should take any further steps at this stage - I intend seperately writing to Barclaycard asking them to refund the amount debited to my card.

  mymate 12:24 14 Dec 2006

Oh what a nightmare for you.I never buy anything over £50 on ebay. I put in a claim for a faulty Bluetooth adaptor, and the seller refunded my cash,not before i had to make a complaint through Paypal,
Lots of guys here use Ebay they will tell you what to do for the best. Good luck .

  Pamy 12:48 14 Dec 2006

also register on ebay forums and ask there

  dms05 15:41 24 Dec 2006

Just an update. Paypal have accepted this was a scam and returned £105 to my account - all within 10 days of my opening a 'dispute'. Barclaycard were very quick off the mark and issued me with a clain form within 24 hours of my email asking for assistance. I'm now assuming Barclaycard will refund the outstanding £250 as Paypal have admitted that a fraud has taken place. However the Christmas post has slowed things down.

I was surprised that Paypal reacted so quickly but disappointed their 'upto £500' of cover was limited to 20% of that total. However I still have Barclaycard to fall back on.

So despite Paypals encouragement to use your Current Account it seems to me imperative that you use a Credit Card for payment.

  mymate 15:43 24 Dec 2006

Well thats good news for you.Hope you get your cash back from Barclay card.

  johnem 17:12 24 Dec 2006

Whilst having my current account listed as authorised, I always change the method of payment to my credit card, just in case. Fortunately not suffered your scam problem. Hope you get your money back.

  dms05 11:51 10 Jan 2007

Final posting - Barclaycard refunded the balance on 4 Jan and they might even have been quicker but for Christmas. So I've totally recovered the £350 in a short time span.

I can't praise Paypal and Barclaycard enough. I completed the forms supplied, didn't get annoyed with either of them and it all worked simply and smoothly.

But the lesson is 'When using Paypal always pay by credit card and never from your bank account'.

  PaulB2005 12:44 10 Jan 2007

Makes me wonder why eBay don't offer an Escrow Service. Even if they charged 1% of the transaction price....

  conrail 13:39 10 Jan 2007

had a similar problem with paypal over counterfit software, paypal wanted me to return it to the seller before I got my money back, I refused because I had passed the info onto FAST who said retain the item, eventually paypal give me my money back after a lot of emails, I still have the CD and waiting to hear from FAST and Corel (one of their programs) have not dealt with payapal since and have cancelled all my bank details,

  spuds 15:29 10 Jan 2007

PayPal and eBay can be a very good way of obtaining those 'I want that' items or goods, but when things go wrong, the results to get justice of someone else's wrongdoing can be very tiring and annoying to say the least.Take the case of conrail being informed to return the goods to the person who as committed a misdemeanour. This is usually PayPals answer, yet I have taken legal advice on this same subject, and in all cases, the legal advice was to hold the goods until full settlement and claim of the dispute.

While PayPal give the impression that all is well under their protection scheme, then it can be a real eye opener if you put in a dispute claim.

Taking the route of paying by credit card and not bank account methods is well advised, and this particular reason as shown to be true in the case of dms05 claim. The credit card company came up with a positive answer. In fact PayPal, in their terms and conditions, always suggest that you claim via your credit card provider.One thing that he as also gained, was it appears that PayPal have not charged an administration fee, usually minimum of £15.00 per claim on funds returned by PayPal.

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