pj123 17:41 04 Feb 2007

This is what I understand it to say:

"Sellers are notified by email of your PayPal payment immediately, and can confidently post the goods to you right away."

So why does it still take 5 or 6 days to receive the goods?

This way of payment isn't any better than when I used to pay for things on eBay by personal cheque.

I had to wait until the cheque cleared before I received anything, which I was willing to do.

But I was told that if I have a PayPal account I wouldn't have to wait at all.

  skidzy 17:47 04 Feb 2007

PJ,im afraid thats down to the seller and nothing to do with paypal.Though i must say,some like me dispatch there goods within 24 hours...others when they feel like it.
Though i have bought and paid through paypal,somethings from,lets Hong Kong arrive quicker than from neighbouring counties.

Its all down to the seller.

  Woolwell 17:48 04 Feb 2007

It depends on the seller and the way they send the goods and how quick they are to react to the notification that they have been paid. I have received some goods just about the next day and others have taken nearly a week. In one instance I collected the same day.

Suggest you read their feedback.

I think that Paypal is safer than a cheque.

ps this thread may be better off in Consumerwatch.

  Diemmess 17:52 04 Feb 2007

Surely, any delay is caused by the seller who has to post it, and he won't do that until he has the money.

By way of personal example:
I was selling a PCI video card, and the buyer who had almost no previous experience paid through PayPal before I had even "sent the invoice."
I posted the following morning and he had it the following day.

On Friday last I sold another cheap item (can't bear to thow anything away)!
Now 48hrs later the parcel is packed, but I have had no payment so far (from a buyer with 950 transactions).
I'm certainly not going to post until the payment is made.

  spuds 19:15 04 Feb 2007

As previously stated, it all depends on the seller and their commitment to send the item.I have received goods from Hong Kong and Germany faster than from sellers living within an hours car ride from me.

The longest that I had to wait for an item was 5 weeks, and that was via a dispute procedure through PayPal/eBay. I paid instantly at the auction end, but the seller had to be reminded constantly!!.

At present I and a seller are going through a bad period with PayPal's procedures. Some how, the funds I released (twice now) to the seller, end up in PayPal Europe Ltd account. Trying solving the problem with PayPal as resulted in further confusion.But that's another story, possibly irrelevant to pj123 query.

  Les T 20:23 04 Feb 2007

It all depends on the seller, for instance if i receive payment and the Post Office is still open, i will post the item straight away; failing that, then i will post it the next day. However i know where you are coming from, i've seen me paying for something as soon as the invoice arrives and then having to wait up to 10 days for the item to arrive.
The wonders of eBay!!!

  pj123 15:32 06 Feb 2007

It seems to me that you have to remind the seller that the item has been paid by Paypal.

I have done that twice now and in both cases I received an email apologising for the delay. The items then arrived the next day.

Got nothing outstanding now on eBay do I will tick this thread.


  GaT7 18:30 06 Feb 2007

Another reason (though it wouldn't appear in your case pj123) for delayed PayPal payment could be that it was processed as an echeque - some examples click here & click here. I think it happens at random. I've more than 130 PP transactions & not a single one was delayed - payments were sent using Debit/Credit card & bank account. G

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