Payments Online - How Safe is It -Please Advise

  Shikaree 12:10 28 Jul 2009

Hi Folks,

I have to pay for my Renewal for my Website. I have two options. 1. Pay Online. OR 2. Pay by Cheque.

I have never bought or done any payment transactions via the Internet. I'm a bit worried after reading about one or two unfortunate cases of people's computers being hacked into.

Please, please advise. Which is safer.



  Stuartli 12:21 28 Jul 2009

I've been paying on-line for utility services, banking, goods and other items for well over 10 years - never had a problem.

Just make sure that the website involved is well known and features the security padlock on the page, plus hpps in the URL (website address in the Address bar).

On many websites, such as for banking, you can only enter your account by first inputting two, three or more security items such as a username, password and the answer to a question (usually one of several initially set up) that only you know.

  Stuartli 12:25 28 Jul 2009

Never ever respond to (Spam) e-mails asking for your personal banking or other personal details (this is known as phishing). Just Delete them.

No genuine company or financial institution will ever request or require these personal details other than via a secure website.

  Pine Man 12:33 28 Jul 2009

No contest.

If you pay on-line you do it through a secure site.

You pay by cheque and post it and anybody can intercept it and have access to your address. Your banks name. Your bank account number AND, worst of all, a copy of your signature!!

  Stuartli 13:21 28 Jul 2009

But that applies to ANY transaction for which you pay by cheque, apart from your address, and even that would apply if you are having goods or services delivered or provided.

  Technotiger 13:25 28 Jul 2009

I have been buying goods and services on-line for many years, without problems.

  Pine Man 13:27 28 Jul 2009

'But that applies to ANY transaction for which you pay by cheque'

Exactly - so I don't.

  Shikaree 15:17 28 Jul 2009

Stuartli, Pine Man, Technotiger,

Thanks!! For all your kind advise. What would we OAPs do without all you young folks help. Now a says I don't even pay by my Debit Card. I take a walk to the bank weekly and wtihdraw cash for the week & weekly shopping rather than keep on using the Debit Card everywhere. I must stop using my Cheque Book. You all are absolutely right about cheques, now that you all have mentioned it.

I'm not paying by PayPal, its Nochex Online Payment Services. (have anyone heard of them). Just below the Browser It says: there's a drawing of a white lock in a Blue square - Nochex Secure Payments Page. Below that a Picture of a Lock - Secure Payment, along side that Nochex Online Payment Services - a drawing of a lock.

Below that Payments Details.

Below that Payments Methods: Click on you payment method below - Icons MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, Solo, Nochex.

Click your card and you have to fill in all the details.

Thanks for your Help


  Pine Man 15:23 28 Jul 2009

Nochex is perfectly safe you need have no worries. I have used it in the past with no problems.

It's good of you to credit us all with youth. Unfortunately, in my case, you are a bit wide of the mark. If I hadn't retired nine years ago I would be at work, not typing this!

Not sure about the other two but I do have a sneaking suspicion that they also might be at or over 'bus pass' age;-))

  tullie 15:44 28 Jul 2009

Dont be withdrawing large amounts of cash to last you the week,why not use your debit card?

  Stuartli 15:45 28 Jul 2009

>>What would we OAPs do without all you young folks help.>>

Kind words, but I'm probably older than you are..:-)

I pay for goods or services on-line using a credit or debit card and elsewhere by the same method, cheque or even cash.....

Nothing has gone amiss in my lifetime using previous or current technology to make payments.

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