payment options when buying online

  crespo 02:02 26 Nov 2005

can anyone recommend to me the best way of buying goods over the internet? I am hoping to buy a few things for Christmas. Which is better -paying by credit card or PayPal? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers!

  Gandalph 02:30 26 Nov 2005

If there is a paypal option then use that. Preferably though if the site you are buying from has a telephone number then I would use that to make the order with.

  ICF 06:14 26 Nov 2005

There is no fully secure way to buy with your credit card it all depend on the receiving person or persons at the end of the phone or computer.I have bought many things on line and upto date have had no trouble.If the company is a well known one you should have no trouble but there are no guarantees.

  g0slp 07:05 26 Nov 2005

If anything goes wrong with a purchase & you've used a Credit Card, then you have some rights.

If you use PayPal & something goes wrong then you may lose your money; you are certainly less protected.

Several threads recently have mentioned problems with PayPal & getting their cash back after things have gone pear shaped (non-delivery etc).

OK, the chance of being scammed by dodgy Internet traders is less than the doom-mongers would have us believe, but nevertheless the possibility is there.

Putting PayPal into Google reveals some interesting sites click here= , particularly click here , click here and click here

Hope this helps.


  Catastrophe 07:08 26 Nov 2005

We always use PayPal and have had very few problems. NEVER use money orders or personal cheques. Those have caused problems. Beware of people in USA (for example) saying they are coming to Europe in six weeks time and will bring purchase to save postage. You probably won't hear from them again. We have 308 feedback (all buying) and have had about 6-10 bad deals in three years. Overall we are way ahead.

My wife had a piece published in M Magazine where (edited) it said that we had spent about £1500 on eBay and received about £21000 of goods. Not quite accurate but not far off. Since then it has not got worse. For example, she bought a ring for £1700 and had it valued at a good jeweller at £5750 - and that was two years ago. Of course it was hallmarked Franklin Mint - not a random purchase.

  Hamish 10:01 26 Nov 2005

Paypal or obtain a credit card with a low limit to use with paypal or buying direct.

  spuds 11:41 26 Nov 2005

Credit card payments are one of the safest forms, especially if the goods are valued over £100.00. If you have any problems with credit card payments and the supplier then some suppliers act more swiftly in resolving any problems.

PayPal in my opinion are getting to be a pain in respect of sorting out problems. Good at taking money and paying bills, but very lacking in communication and giving helpfull urgent advice, when a dispute as been logged.As an example, you raise a problem and log a complaint/dispute via their email system. If you want to add further developments, then the email side becomes non-active,telephone advisor's cannot make additional notes, and suggest that you 'fax' the information to them, so they can add it to the file [All to do with Data Protection etc!].

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