paying on line?

  podlod 07:55 12 Aug 2005

Hi again, I have never bought anything online but there are certain items that I wish to buy, the only problem is that I am so worried about all the fraud that is going on online! How safe is it and what is the best way to pay? Bryan

  Diodorus Siculus 07:56 12 Aug 2005

The best way is by credit card and try to do a little research into the company before making the purchase.

  octal 08:05 12 Aug 2005

Most credit card companies will insure against credit card fraud online these days, I've got four and they all protect against online fraud. If you are really worried, and don't be because online purchasing is now one of the safest methods of paying provided you follow some simple rules, is to get a credit card with a low credit allowance on it maybe £500.

Companies that take your payment and don't deliver the goods are another story, again over a certain value the credit card company will often investigate the matter.

  PC Bilbo 09:05 12 Aug 2005

Make sure you have all security up to date and only use secure sites i.e. https://

I installed Firefox Browser (free) and find it much more secure than Internet Explorer ( you can still keep I.E.)

Netcraft (free download) from click here is a toolbar that monitors web sites and warns if you are logging onto anything dodgy like a replicate of genuine site designed to grab your identity and bank/card details.

At the risk of teaching my grandmother, apologies if I am, don't give information that can track you
e.g. I never give my mothers real maiden name if asked as hackers can trace you from this.

  Newuser1280 10:38 12 Aug 2005

Paypal act as an intermediary between the seller and your credit card company. Once you have registered with them, if the company you are dealing with accepts Paypal, then you authorise payment to Paypal with a your registered card details and they pay the seller on your behalf -so your card details are never revealed to the seller.
Beware though as a few companies charge you for using Paypal!
(You can register easily with Paypal on the E-Bay site)

  spuds 11:03 12 Aug 2005

I use my credit cards quite a number of times on the internet.Try to use one particular credit card if possible for internet use, and stick to the basic as mentioned above. One thing that you may find, especially if you use Barclaycard is their new secure pop-up which will ask you to give further passwords for internet transactions.

  €dstowe 11:10 12 Aug 2005

I have bought and sold many thousands of ££ worth of goods and services on the Internet and never had a problem with the security of the system.

I have a business credit card account specifically for Internet use with a low spending limit (as suggested by octal) to keep any potential losses as low as possible. Credits to the account are removed as soon as practical into a proper bank account.

  Belatucadrus 15:36 12 Aug 2005

" I have bought and sold many thousands of ££ worth of goods and services on the Internet and never had a problem with the security of the system."

Likewise, from CDs, DVDs, PC spares to my car. All purchased via the web without any problems.

On top of the already stated :- Using a credit card and making sure it's an HTTPS site with locked padlock symbol on your browser. Have a look on the contact page, most sites will give a postal address, phone number and e-mail, it's nice to know you can get hold of them if there are any problems, I avoid anonymous sites like the plague.

  ACOLYTE 15:42 12 Aug 2005

I have just brought my first item over the net the other day through Amazon it wasnt a big expensive item, i felt confident about it and had no problems at all arrived the next day,my first time was good! lol.

  Stuartli 15:53 12 Aug 2005

Just like €dstowe and Belatucadrus I have purchased many, many thousands of pounds worth of goods online both in the UK and from abroad over the past seven or eight years.

The only hitches have been the occasional faulty items and the resulting exchanges regarding returns and replacements.

I also use financial institution websites regularly and pay bills online - in fact it was only last month that I made my annual TV licence payment online and it arrived in the post about five days later.

As has been pointed out just use common sense before using such a valuable and time-saving asset.

  palinka 20:19 12 Aug 2005

As Belatucadrus says there's no problem if you're sensible about who you buy from.Like others in this forum I've bought many £s worth of stuff on-line : books; parts for my pc; CDs; etc, etc.
I've never had any problems.

Thousands of people do it every day without problems - it's only the ones that go wrong that receive any publicity.

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