PAYG Sim Cards

  Newuser939 10:44 02 Dec 2010

Please forgive the basic nature of this question, but I know very little about mobile phones.
I currently have a 5 or 6 year old LG phone running on a Tesco Mobile PAYG tariff. I am considering upgrading to a smartphone such as the HTC Wildfire, or, if my budget will really stretch, the HTC Desire. As I am a light user, I would prefer to remain on a PAYG tariff.
My question is, if I buy the phone on a sim free basis, for example from Amazon, could I simply take the sim card out of my existing phone and use it in the new one, thus keeping the same number, any accumulated top up balance and so on? I ask this question bearing in mind that the new phone would have capabilities not even thought of when my old phone was produced.

  woodchip 10:48 02 Dec 2010

Yes you can use your sim, in a sim free phone

  The Kestrel 11:09 02 Dec 2010

You can buy the HTC Wildfire from Tesco as a PAYG phone click here and put your sim card in. This may well be cheaper than buying a sim free version.

  Muergo 13:26 02 Dec 2010

You say that you are on PAYG because you are a light user, but you are buying a phone with many functions which I feel you will use, otherwise there's not a lot of point in having it.

PAYG will cost you more when you start web access, SatNav and so on, you would be best to look at rental over 24months say, from O2 or Vodafone and get the phone free together with subsidised web costs.

My smartphone from Vodafone costs me £10 a month including web and the usual free calls and texts.
As the phone was £300 to buy then, instead after 24 months (next Feb) I will own it and have had the services paid for all for £240.

ThAT OFFER IS NOT ON THEIR SITE NOW< BUT I am sure there are others for about £15 or so.

(sorry again about keyboard troubles)

  Jwbjnwolf 13:36 02 Dec 2010

the place that will never ever lock the phones to a tariff is Carfone Warehouse.
Most other places lock the phone's and it is very costy to unlock a phone.

  Jwbjnwolf 21:23 02 Dec 2010

talking about tesco payg tarrif i am on the bundle where you topup £10 and get £10 free credit and one time they gave me £8 extra and another time, they gave me £20 for no reason.
Odd, ain't it?

  OTT_B 21:37 02 Dec 2010

Just for info.....

I was on Tesco PAYG until last month, until, even with the triple top up reward, my bills were getting too high. This was a result of increased web surfing.

Instead I phoned Tesco and swapped to a monthly contract, no minimum duration, costing £10pm. That gives unlimited texts, more calls than I can handle and unlimited data (subject to a fair usage policy).
At the time, this tariff was advertised on the website at £15pm.


If it is relevant to anyone, I enquired why they would need to credit check for £10pm, paid one month in advance (i'm a credit hater!). They said that it is for identification purposes. No issues with me!

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