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  mikeyb59 15:13 25 Dec 2003

First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone who see's this.

Right, I don't wish to go over old ground but I have a question.

I have just treated myself to a laptop for Xmas. While I am at home I can use my wireless broadband connection, but I would like your suggestions regarding PAYG dial-up ISP's for those times when I am am away, at friends etc.

On my ols machine I used UKOnline but what do you all suggest?

TIA Mike

  mikeyb59 15:16 25 Dec 2003

.... not all locations have a BT line (NTL, Telewest etc) so ISP should be versatile!!

  Big Elf 15:21 25 Dec 2003

Freeserve Anytime click here

You're the second one today to ask:0)

  beeuuem 15:33 25 Dec 2003

Unfortunately you can't use Freeserve Anytime.
From click here

Can I connect to my Freeserve AnyTime service from another location?

No. Freeserve AnyTime is only available for customers dialling in from a single ‘fixed’ phone line.

When you register for Freeserve AnyTime, you are asked to provide the phone number that you will be using to connect to Freeserve. When you dial in from this phone number using the AnyTime service, your Internet calls are free.

You cannot connect to your AnyTime account using another phone number. If you wish to connect to Freeserve from another phone number, using a laptop for example, you cannot do so using your AnyTime account.

I use Freeuk as a backup connection - works on cable and BT at any location. click here at local call rates.

  Big Elf 15:41 25 Dec 2003

Failed to spot that. Your link looks good.

  jimv7 15:43 25 Dec 2003
  mikeyb59 15:51 25 Dec 2003

I sold my old laptop to a friend. Has anyone got any idea of the best way for her to connect to the internet, bearing in mind that she will be in Turkey for six months this coming summer.

She will need a Turkish ISP no doubt. Any suggestions anyone?

  beeuuem 16:30 25 Dec 2003

From experience - tried it and it didn't work

  Stuartli 16:53 25 Dec 2003

Most ISPs use the 1470 prefix (CID) before your dialup number - if the telephone number you provided is not the one used then the call is rejected.

It's the reverse of 1471 when you can find out whose been ringing you but is, obviously, a security measure.

  Patr100 19:25 25 Dec 2003
  mikeyb59 11:07 26 Dec 2003


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