Pay pal emai laddress/urgent:

  lillydrop 10:45 24 Apr 2007

I need to check out a link emailed to me by paypal, so want to copy and paste it to them to see if they sent it. Please can someone give me there email address., as I cant find it anywhere.
Thxs a bunch

  johnnyrocker 11:06 24 Apr 2007

click here= should be of help


  jimv7 11:09 24 Apr 2007

If in doubt send it to [email protected] without the space.

  lillydrop 11:15 24 Apr 2007

thnxs but already been to their website. Couldnt find their email adddress, just a load of hypathetical questions/answers which are not relevant in this instance.
Just need heir customer service address, please, please someone

  lillydrop 11:17 24 Apr 2007

Ok, will try that, but what do you mean "without the space"? sorry if i appear dumb, by the way. I can be sometimes

  AlanHo 11:33 24 Apr 2007

type @paypal
not @ paypal

  sea urchin 11:38 24 Apr 2007

This should help you

click here

  lillydrop 13:44 24 Apr 2007

Ok, so, I emailed [email protected] (without the space) and they replied that my paypal emails were definately phised.
So, now now I have another worry:- What if the" I emailed is also counterfeited.?? And their reply not "bona fida"

The mind boggles, and i am serious. Is this possible!?
Someone please let me know, and how one deals with this if it is!
In other words, who do we go to if "[email protected] can be phised as well????
I really need an answer to this one.
Someone, please give me a ray of light on this matter.

  Marko797 13:49 24 Apr 2007

Best advice I cud offer is ditch paypal and demand payment only by bnk transfer, cash on collection, or by cheque - but wait for it to clear b4 sending any items (I assume all this is in relation to e-bay?). Have had phished emails from some unscrupulous e-buyer too n lucky for me checked the validity with paypal - turned out to be bogus. When u ditch them, close ur account too and delete ur bnk details. Sad, but it's a bad world out there. Hope this helps.

  lillydrop 14:09 24 Apr 2007

I have never dealt with Ebay Mark.

All my questions are only in connection with opening my very first an account with Paypal which I did yesterday. Upon which they immediately emailed me with 2 confirmation emails - which I forwarded to "[email protected] who said that these 2 emails were not from paypal but were phished.

I'm really perplexed now:(
Thx for your advise about ditching paypal.
How do others manage ok with paypal, i wonder. Thousands seem to? Or is every one else out there being phised too.

Any more comments? I need all round advise here.

  Ex plorer 14:16 24 Apr 2007

Hi if you type, this will take you to there site. This is the safe way.
eBay will never ask for passwords or bank details of your account in an email to you.

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