Pay pal and ebay

  hooligan 16:06 14 Nov 2004

I sold something on ebay, they wanted to pay buy credit card, I had to refuse as I only have the personnal account, it was not on ebay to take credit card payments, but been told you can have two paypal accounts, one prem, one personnal, so do you use the same email, and how does it work with ebay, so you have 2 accounts

Ive tried the help pages but cant work it out


  AubreyS 16:14 14 Nov 2004

Have you tried going to... Ask seller a question to see if that there are any other methods of payments that he will accept?

  AubreyS 16:15 14 Nov 2004

I think that I may have read your question wrong. Sorry.

  pj123 16:47 14 Nov 2004

Forget it. If they want to buy from you it is up to you to tell them what you will accept.

I have sold lots of stuff on eBay and I will only accept a cheque drawn on a UK bank or cash.

No one has yet refused to pay this way.

  Dorsai 17:23 14 Nov 2004

IF they want it, they should be willing to pay you in a manner you accept. i assume your selling page detailed the methods of payment you accept. if they are trying to make you accept a method you did not list, that is their problem.

If you said Pay Pal only, amd they want to pay by Credit card. Just say "no, the sale said pay pal only, pay up, with Pay Pal, or i will sell it to someone else"

And if they offered well over the odds, perhaps it is a scam to seperate you from you stuff, without paying for it.

If i bought somthing, i could pay with pay pal, personal cheque (i wait while it clears), building Society Cheque (ditto), Credit card (if you took it), Postal Order, or cash on the doorstep. It would be up to you, the seller to tell me how to pay. Not up to me to tell you what method to accept.

  Peverelli 18:54 14 Nov 2004

H, what you have to do is 'upgrade' your PayPal Personal Account to a Premium Account. The upgrade is free but when you accept payments via PayPal they will charge you 20p plus 3.4%

So if you sell something for a tenner, Paypal will deduct 54p (20p + 34p) & then they'll credit your account with £9.46.

  kinger 20:04 14 Nov 2004

The same thing happened to me. Once the item was sold, PayPal informed me that the buyer wanted to pay by Credit Card but that I needed to upgrade in order for them to pay in this way.

I did so and have been accepting Credit Cards ever since. You will certainly sell more if you accept credit cards so it's worthwhile even though you are charged a small deduction to do so.

  hooligan 20:20 14 Nov 2004

I upgraded, now the buyer as gone missing !

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