Paths explained?

  geoff47 20:42 08 Dec 2005

Dont know if this should be in the begginers questions,but never the less can somebody explain the path in relation a uploading a website?
I havw been told to use the path /home/www/yourftpusername

Any help would be greatfully recieved.

  Forum Editor 22:01 08 Dec 2005

who your webspace provider is, and we'll sort this out.

  geoff47 22:49 08 Dec 2005

It is me FE...having trouble still,loading through NOF8 which I thought would have done all the technical bit for me.
It is my thread asking about removing files on an FTP server.

I have spent several long days trying by various methods to sort out the Index.html so that the site opens on the proper page.....have nearly done it,but not quite.I now believe I am lacking in knowledge of how a "Path" works,which I think is the main problem.
So the answer to your question is Web-Mania.
But a short tutorial about "Paths" should sort it out..... I hope.
Geoff47 23:03 08 Dec 2005

to upload your site you don't need to know about paths or anything else.

Just create a 'remote publish' profile alongside the 'local publish'.

All you have to do is enter your username, password, domain, directory etc. and click 'Publish site'.

  geoff47 23:11 08 Dec 2005

I have done all that Barry as far as I know...
For username the name I was issued,Password the one I was issued and later changed....if they were wrong I couldn't connect anyway.
Domain the name that I registered.....perhaps it is the directory that is letting me down.
And that is part of the Path I think.
Is the directory the name of the home page? 23:18 08 Dec 2005

it's the name of the folder you want your site to go into. If it doesn't exist NOF will create it for you.

  geoff47 23:36 08 Dec 2005

Sorry I am being extremely slow....what is the name of that folder? And where do I give that information when using NOF8.
An email from Web-Mania support tells me( after explaining I dont understand Paths) I should use the path
But that means nothing to me.
Geoff47 00:03 09 Dec 2005

enter the details in the 'publish settings' profile as asked for, and when it asks for the directory name use what you like. 'Mysite', 'Mywebsite', 'Mydirectory'. Anything you want to name it.

But don't alter page names or other settings, NOF will take care of it.

Make sure 'passive mode' is selected in the 'advanced' tab. 00:30 09 Dec 2005

In your 'Publish settings' you should get this box. click here

Click on the 'New' button to get this: click here

Then fill it in with your details.

  geoff47 01:04 09 Dec 2005

I honestly believe I have done everything correctly.
I have used every variation,the site is there,or at least a list of files that you can navigate until you get to the site that I wanted to be seen.
Here is the have to go latest abbies/geoffabby/nothomeorisit and you find the site.
click here
And as an aside I have made the text larger but it has not shown up ...but think that is something I can alter.

Please any clues how to solve this? 01:44 09 Dec 2005

What have you used for the server name? It's a long time since I used Web Mania, but I think it should be the domain name you registered with them.

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