patching two computers together

  Babou 20:56 04 Sep 2005

Back in the early 90s when I got a new computer I just hooked it up to the old one via the parallel ports (if I remember rightly), and copied all the data I needed over. I don't remember any problems whatsoever.

Last week I got a new laptop and thought I'd do something similar. Consulted the shop where I bought my desktop PC and came home with a gigabyte ethernet cat 5e patch cable, which I was assured was the business. Plugged it in and have both computers saying yes, there's a connection here. But how the hell do I use it?

I've been plugging away at this for a couple of days now and am just baffled. I've tried every setting under the sun, clicked through dozens of wizards and menus and sharing options, but still can't work out how to get any files to move.

I think I've gone down the wrong route, trying to set up a kind of network without a router ... Eventually I'll set up a wireless network, but for now I just want to punt my documents etc across. Both systems use XP Home, fully updated.

Any pointers on where to go for an idiots guide would be most welcome. XP seems to assume I want to set up an all-singing all-dancing network for a house full of teenagers and keep it safe from evildoers! But I don't - not yet anyway.

  selfbuild 21:26 04 Sep 2005

If your linking the machines directly then you were sold the wrong cable.

You need a ethernet cat-5e CROSS-OVER cable to be able to link 2 machines directly. They may look the same but I can assure you they arn't.

  Babou 22:11 04 Sep 2005

Damn! I mean thanks! The bloke in the shop said the one he gave me was what I needed, and he did know exactly what I wanted to do.

Grrr. Back to the shop then ....

  retep888 22:16 04 Sep 2005

You can set up a network without a router,but as selfbuild said,you might have used the wrong cable.

Once you've got the correct cable,set up your network using ICS and don't forget you'll need good firewall and antivirus programs for both your pcs.

  Babou 22:41 04 Sep 2005

Internet Connection Sharing? But I don't want to share the internet connection, just files. Argh, this is so much more complicated than I remember, I might just use a big stack of DVDs. I'm starting to feel like Eddie Izzard, shouting at his computer: "What do you mean, you can't see the printer? It's right there, look!"

  Babou 15:17 05 Sep 2005

The bag the cable came in is labelled "RJ45 Crossed Patch Cable", so maybe it is the right one... the actual cable has the following printed on it:


Is it the right one or not? (Burning CDs as we speak)

  Babou 23:13 04 Oct 2005

and burnt a stack of CDs. And eventually set up a wireless network - which wasn't that easy either. The whole network wizard thing is unbelievably murky to a beginner like me - in the end I followed a set of instructions in the laptop manual which differed subtly from the network wizard's instructions but did the trick.

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