Dorkins 15:18 05 Sep 2007

I currently have a 250GB SATA Hard Drive and i am considering installing another hard drive but i am a little confused as to whether i could install a PATA or IDE hard drive to work alongside the SATA hard drive i am using at the moment. Thanks for any and all help and advice.

  DrScott 16:44 05 Sep 2007

motherboard supports IDE devices, there is no reason you could not run an IDE device alongside. Probably would be best to set it to a slave device though.

  Fingees 16:46 05 Sep 2007

Pata is IDE

For explanation

click here

  holme 17:22 05 Sep 2007

It could be a(nother) SATA device, the choice is yours.

But if you install an IDE hard drive, and it's the only one on that particular IDE port (Primary or Secondary), it should really be set to be the Master device. (Sorry to contradict, Fingees, but we had probs with a drive set to Slave; see below).

To illustrate that in more detail, here's the sitch on the machine I'm presently using:

SATA port 1 - The main (SATA) hard drive.
SATA port 2 - (not used).
IDE Primary port - IDE hard drive, set as /Master./
IDE Secondary port - two CD/DVD devices, set as Master and Slave. HTH.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:05 05 Sep 2007

get a sata drive.

save your IDE (PATA) slots for DVD? cd equip.

some later boards now only have one IDE port.

  Dorkins 19:19 05 Sep 2007

Thanks for all the replies folks

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