Pasted urls are not active

  hawthorn59 17:28 26 Mar 2007

Hi folks

Hope the topic title is accurate. Maybe this problem shouldn be posted here but forgive me if so. I've got so much help here always, that you are the first people I turn to!

I'm trying to paste a url on a free ad site. OK its an affiliate link, I admit, Im trying to sell something...! But the same problem also occurs on my blog when I post a url link relevant to the topic. The link appears in black and white rather than blue, and you cant click on it.

I will paste one of them here now just to see if it turns "blue" when I post it

click here

I dont know yet till I hit publish. But is it not a matter of just copying and pasting or is there more involved?



  rodriguez 17:39 26 Mar 2007

Bingo. Copy and paste the link, the coding in the website detects web links and automatically makes them clickable.

  MAJ 17:42 26 Mar 2007

Which free ad site?

  rodriguez 17:46 26 Mar 2007

Just looked at that site, looks like yet another pyramid scheme and the only guy who will make money out of it is the guy at the top of the pyramid who wrote all that rubbish. :-D

  hawthorn59 17:56 26 Mar 2007

Ah i see, that on this site it comes up as click here and it works. Wonder why theres a problem else where, even on the blog?


  MAJ 18:01 26 Mar 2007

Or I wonder if you're just wanting to plug your ad?

  rodriguez 18:06 26 Mar 2007

On other sites I think you have to use:

<A HREF=your URL here> <BR><BR><FONT COLOR="colour you want">text for clickable link</FONT></A>

This site just automatically converts them to make it easier to use.

  hawthorn59 18:29 26 Mar 2007


I posted a response to you all and I dont know where it went.... when I hit "post" the main page of this site came up...!

I'll search for it


  hawthorn59 18:30 26 Mar 2007

God some of you are a mistrusting lot! Im not trying to plug anything. I am a regular here, and greatly respect and admire the people who are able to help. I definitely wouldnt take advantage of this place. Anyway even if I did I wouldnt make much from 5 or 6 views!!!!

OK I probably posted the wrong example here but I thought you would see it was genuine. Anyway here is another example; this is a small blog I have on Ireland and I was simply pasting a link to a castle just a few miles from where I live, which is supposed to be very haunted and has been on Most Haunted and other programmes.

The blog is

click here

And the link I placed in the blog

click here

Now I'll be interested to see here when I post, if that one can be clicked on....



  hawthorn59 18:33 26 Mar 2007

Sorry for the mess-up folks. I dont know where the post went, but I just kept clicking back and found it again and reposted.

Now I do see that the link to the castle is alive. So I wasnt doing anything wrong. The blog was on Blogger; surely that site should convert links? I better contact them and see.

thanks again


  MAJ 18:44 26 Mar 2007

Apologies then for doubting your intentions, thehill (Hill 16, is it?). Have you tried using a diffeent template in Blogger, I just tried it and links seem to work okay.

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