paste stickers?

  Jimi_L 17:16 10 Feb 2006

Hi, I just got my new computer parts today…got me some coolermaster thermal paste, it comes with little stickers to help you put the right amount on but it only has stickers for socket A, 370, 7: which is the same sticker, and there’s one other for a Socket 423 but I have a 754 socket chip, seems the 423 is almost the same sizes as my cpu would this be the best one to use? also would i apply the sticker to the chip not the bottom of the heatsink.

Please help,


  Jimi_L 17:24 10 Feb 2006

i just found it needs to go on the bottom of the heat sink, which is a coolermaster hyper48 which has a round bottom, the stickers are sqaure and only the A, 370, 7 would fit on it...i'm confused

  Hertz Van Rentyl 17:29 10 Feb 2006

click here
some instructions. Last time I did this I did not use any stickers or pads.

  Skyver 17:29 10 Feb 2006

Useful guide here - click here

  Hertz Van Rentyl 17:31 10 Feb 2006

I have no experience of your brand of stuff though. Above method is for a certain brand of paste.

  Jimi_L 17:50 10 Feb 2006

those links help, cheers, i just have one more problem i'm gonna need to clean both surfaces with a cleaner of some kind, what i have in the house is Methalated Spirit.....or nail varnish remover but i the varnish remover may have oils in it not too sure...

  Jimi_L 17:53 10 Feb 2006

the methylated spirit is mineralised by the way...?

  Jimi_L 17:57 10 Feb 2006

also it ses i need a Lint Free cloth, i have a lens cleaning cloth...but wouldnt it build up static?

  Skills 17:57 10 Feb 2006

From the artic instructions

CPU Core:
Use high-purity isopropyl alcohol or acetone and a bit of careful rubbing.
#Do not use nail polish remover as it contains fragrance oils and other contaminants.#
(If you use acetone, do a final cleaning with isopropyl alcohol.)

Use xylene based products (Goof Off, some carburetor cleaners and many brake cleaners.), mineral spiritsm or high-purity isopropyl alcohol.

So it looks like get some high-purity isopropyl alcohol is your best bet and some lint free cloths.

  Jimi_L 18:45 10 Feb 2006

got it sorted now, used a lens cleaning cloth, with tiny bit of mineralised methylated spirit, i say tiny but really there was hardly any on it. gave both the cpu plate and bottom of the heat sink a polish, then put a little bit of paste on the cpu plate and clamped it down, i'm sure i didnt put any more paste then i was intructed but i'm worried there might be some squirted out the sides would this matter anyway?

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