Paste & Go - Firefox 3

  Angry Kid 11:41 21 Jul 2008


Does anyone know of a plug in that will do the same job as Paste & Go for FF3?

I used this a lot on the older version and miss it terribly.


Angry ;-)

  tullie 12:13 21 Jul 2008

Whats paste & go AK,excuse my ignorance.

  ambra4 12:50 21 Jul 2008
  paulgeaf 12:50 21 Jul 2008

tullie surely a google search would have been less trouble than you posting your reply?
I didn't know either but isn't that the whole idea behind this internet thing....the ability to have instant information?
Paste & Go
click here
It apparently lets you Paste Text and Load/Search It Immediately...
Hmm I cannot think of any other thing that does this.
I use a lot of addons but never thought about the need for one like this.
Is it really useful?

  tullie 14:40 21 Jul 2008

Its also the object of this forum isent it?

  paulgeaf 20:18 03 Aug 2008

Well of course the object of a forum like this is to ask for and give, help, yep you are correct.
I was just hinting at a bit of basic common sense might save you a whole lot of trouble in future ;)

  futurist 06:22 06 Aug 2008

Found on the reviews for "Paste and Go 2" for FF.

by CipRix on July 11, 2008
For FireFox 3 :
Well, here's a working method.

- Download the .xpi file.
- rename from .xpi to .zip
- Open the file in Winzip.
- In winzip, of the file "install.rdf"
- Change the maxVersion part from 2.0.0.* 3.0.0.*
- Accept Winzip asking to update the archive.
- Exit Winzip, and rename the .zip to .xpi
- Drag&Drop the file into FF3.

The version number is actually 3.0a1

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