passwords short cuts

  maltose 13:40 30 Jun 2009

I want to collect all my passwords, usernames, etc together under one "super" password. Which will then give me a one click access to the password protected web sites. A friend has recommended "password safe" but I find its terminology a bit technical and wonder if there is any other free software that fellow PC advisor forum users might suggest?

  Fingees 17:07 30 Jun 2009

I find the best way is simply to print out list of sites and password and keep it handy.

If they are all on your computer,and the single password is hacked, you've opened them to the outside world.

all the best.

  maltose 17:45 30 Jun 2009

Thanks Fingees. I must admit I was concerned about hacking but a previous thread indicates that this is most unlikley. I have now downloaded RoboForm which appears to be AOK. It would be interesting to know if anybody has any opinions on this software

  maltose 17:47 30 Jun 2009

Incidentally Fingees I believe there is some evidence that most home pc's are more vulnerable to handyly kept hard copy than hacking through the internet

  rawprawn 17:55 30 Jun 2009

In my opinion this is the best proram to do what you want, it's not free but well worth the money for a lifetimes updates.
click here

  maltose 18:04 30 Jun 2009

Hi rawprawn, I am using the free version of RoboForm. What benefits would I gain by going to the Pro version?

  rawprawn 18:35 30 Jun 2009

As many password savings as you want and all updates.
It is one program I have never regreted buying.

  maltose 20:28 30 Jun 2009

Ok thanks folks I will give free RoboForm a run and if needed update later

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