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  swanny2 00:48 04 Mar 2009

My sons on his laptop via a router from my pc (windows home xp) now hes just said too me his laptops went offline for 45 mins,so i logged in on my pc and alls fine.
When i went too a forum i usually go too ,im already logged in,but this time it asked for my name and password,now this only happens when i run CCleaner once a week as i know it wipes all your passwords etc.. Then my commodo firewall popped up saying do you allow Sychost.exethis never usually happens either.
then usually after 3/4 mins of being on my pc my Avast anti virus says updates ok,only this time it said error could not rectify,aagain never happens.Im just wondering whats going on here,any ideas any one please.

  bremner 09:53 04 Mar 2009

One query, what do you mean;

"his laptop via a router from my pc"

He should be connected direct to the router. Any problems your machine or his have should not impact on the other machine.

  swanny2 10:26 04 Mar 2009

I mean i have a belkin router connected too my desktop via a ethernet cable then that goes too the router,me son then picks up the signal.
Now it wont accept the signal . neither on my other sons laptop .that1 hasnt for weeks now. The same has happened now too me other sons laptop No connection .

  bremner 12:56 04 Mar 2009

I am still confused although it may be your terminology.

A normal ADSL setup would be:

Lead from the telephone socket to the Modem/Router. Individual wired connections would then go to each computer. Of course if it was a wireless router then the there would be no wired connections to the computers.

In Cable set up the supply cable goes to a modem. A wired connection then goes from the modem to the router. Then as per the ADSL.

From what you have described it appears you have a wired connection from a router to your computer, Then a wired connection from tour computer to another router to which your sons laptop is connected. Is this correct?

  swanny2 14:10 04 Mar 2009

i have a modem downsatairs from there a cable goes upstairs too my desktop, then a wire from the router goes too my desktop ,then my sons wireless laptop can pick the signal up . hope that makes some sense :O)

  bremner 15:39 04 Mar 2009

You need to change the wiring.

From the modem the cable should go to input terminal of the router.

Then from one of the router outputs to your desktop.

Your sons laptop will wirelessly pickup the signal.

This will prevent problems with your computer affecting your sons connection.

Now for the problem with your computer. It sounds like you have a malware problem. Have you run Avast and do you have any anti spyware software?

  swanny2 15:45 04 Mar 2009

Thats how its always been set up. thanks anyway mate. what i did was unplugged the router and modem booted them up and now the laptops connected.

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