Molly_Don 21:57 19 Jul 2009

Is there any safe software I can use to store my screenmanes & passwords (I keep forgetting which password goes with each screen name)!

  skidzy 22:04 19 Jul 2009

Hi Molly
Keepass click here

  DieSse 22:14 19 Jul 2009

I do this - it's not secure as such - but no-one would find it.

I write a short, very ordinary letter to a relative and save it with an ordinary name.

Then I add-on the passwords etc to the bottom, and change the text to white - it doesn't show.

T see the "hidden text" - simply drag the mouse over it to mark it, and it shows up.

Thing is - there's no earthly reason for someone else to even look twice at the document.

  DieSse 22:21 19 Jul 2009

You could also put a picture over the top of the text and hide it - just make the document look as if the picture should be there. Lots of similar tricks you could try - change the font to Symbol perhaps.

The point is - you don't need any special software to forget about/lose/go wrong.

  Molly_Don 23:09 19 Jul 2009

Skidzy - Cheers for that

DieSse - "Then I add-on the passwords etc to the bottom, and change the text to white - it doesn't show"

I'm not sure what you mean, do you mean just create a word doc (with password details) save it to the desktop, then re name it?

As for putting a picture on the icon, errr, beyond my computer skills I'm afraid, but thanks for replying.

  robin_x 03:53 20 Jul 2009

I bought a little paper notebook from Tesco (28 pence). and keep it next to my PC.
Some of them come in pink, Molly.
But I preferred the macho Pukka Pad.

And I dont want any facetious "that's not very secure" comments. Thank-you.

For more advanced security, this is free and pretty good I think.
click here

  mole44 05:15 20 Jul 2009

keep my passwords on a pen drive they are encripted and i keep the pen drive in a safe.

  Molly_Don 14:44 20 Jul 2009

Thanks for the tips guys, computers and me don't get on, so regarding doing any downloads / installing, the 28p notebook from Tesco sounds just about right for me.

  Bagsey 16:02 20 Jul 2009

Hi Molly
Have a look at this page. It is free to individuals. I have used it for a long time now and find it very easy to use. You only need to have one password that you need to remember to access the files.
click here

  DieSse 18:05 20 Jul 2009

"I'm not sure what you mean"

Write a fake normal looking (short) letter with your regular WP. Give it an ordinary name and save it where you always save your letters (ie My Documents).

Then at the bottom of the letter put your password etc. Then change the colour of the passwords text to white - it'll disappear.

Then if you want, insert a picture into the letter - just like you'd insert a picture into any letter. Put the picture over the passwords, so that the passwords wouldn't even show if they weren't white.

Then of course save it again. Or you could make any other knid of document - just make it a similar layout to others on your system.

The idea being that no-one will even be looking for passwords in it, and even if they did they'd be invisible. But not to you, 'cos you know how to make them visible!

  Molly_Don 22:50 21 Jul 2009

Hi bagsey

Thx for the info and link, however, as I'm not very good with computers, I'd like to see if I can do what DieSse has suggested.

DieSse, hope I'm not testing your patience or time but I want to have a go and see if I can do what you suggest, OK, I've no idea how to insert a picture into a word doc,i only ever use word doc to type letters.

The other question I have, once I've covered up the passwords with a picture, how do I get back to the passwords?

"sorry if my questions sound stupid, I've said many times, I've no idea with computers but I'm always willing to learn"


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