Password Query

  TommyRed 18:28 02 Oct 2003

I've been trying to install AV and a firewall on a fiends PC, 98SE, without success. I've got AVG and ZoneAlarm on disk, but when I go to upgrade I'm asked for a password. I've entered various passwords with names of the daughters horses and variations of the names. She now tells us there was never a password and she just clicked cancel to bypass it. My question is this, will I be able to do the same thing or have I FUBARred it and have to do something else. Haven't been there for a few weeks so I'm sorry if I'm a bit vague. Thanks TR

  Jester2K II 18:34 02 Oct 2003

Just click Cancel as she does then and all will be fine.

  TommyRed 18:51 02 Oct 2003

Thanks Jester. TR

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 19:13 02 Oct 2003

Could have swarn i replyed to this 1 as well.

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