X-O-GEN 15:25 04 Jul 2003

Hi ppl..

I have a 40 gb HDD and 3 partitions of c: 20 .. d: 10 .. e: 10 .. i wanted to add a password to teh e: 10 gb hard drive partition cause most of my important and personal documents are in that drive .. i dunt want to use a password like teh BIOS or teh wiindows start up password .. i just wanted to password protect that specific partition .. can any program do it ? i mean when i double click teh drive to open it it should ask me fer a password .. if thers any other way to do this please teme :) .. would be thankful to u all ..
(i just need a password on teh specific drive partition and not on teh computer :))


  King Diamond 16:10 04 Jul 2003

What OS are you using?

If you are using XP, then I would set up your confidential files in a separate user account. With XP you can set up various guest/user accounts, with or without administration privilages.

Goto user accounts and setup another account, transfer your important stuff into that account and password that whole account. You can then simply choose to log onto that account at the welcome screen, or the switch user tab in the start menu and jump between the 2 accounts as and when you need too.

Then you can use your computer normally, knowing your documents are saved in another account within the computer.

Tip - Always backup your data, no matter how unimportant you may feel it is, cause sure as fate, it will come back to haunt you if you don't.

I have only used XP, so I can only give advice on that OS...but if I were you, I would set up a whole new extra account and password it. Maybe dont give it admin privilages either for extra security.

Hope that helps in some way.

  King Diamond 16:19 04 Jul 2003


You can also do with keeping your important files in one folder, right click on it, click on the advanced tab and encrypt the data as well. This encodes your data with a key algorithm, without the right key, it cannot be decrypted.

Be aware - If you lose your personal key, then you have effectively lost your data also.

Secondly - If I were going to use the above, I would password lock my BIOS and disable the floppy from booting the system 1st. Just makes it harder for someone to try and hack their way into your encrypted files.

Use encryption very carefully and be well rehersed on its implications.

  X-O-GEN 20:43 04 Jul 2003

Thankx fer helping me out king :) but u didnt get what i actually needed .. i wana protect all my files in a partition (thats teh E:/ drive) ..
i needed my e:/ drive to be compleatly protected by a password.
is there any third party software that can do it ?

The program would also need to be DOS secure....

To physically protect a drive, perhaps a USB hard drive that you can lock up when not in use..

That is the only way.. or the other option is to use CD-RW to store thing's, then lock up..

Other than that, i dont think you can protect whole drive with a password..

  Kitz E Kat 21:53 04 Jul 2003

You can disable a BIOS password, quicker than i can drink a bowl of milk...
You can disable a Windows password quicker than i can eat a tasty tuna...
Encrypt the files you want to protect....
Kitz E Kat

  johnem 22:33 04 Jul 2003

Excuse my ignorance, but would it not be possible to just set up your e: drive with a 'shared' password, or is that just to easy to break into?
That way, if you choose to not have the puter remember the password, then this might be suitable.

  X-O-GEN 15:11 05 Jul 2003

Thankx for ur interest ppl :) .. but i needed a proggy that could actually password protect a specified partition .. :) well since there isnt any such thing ...
I would like to know if i could password protect a folder in such a way that when i double click on the folder it should ask me fer teh pass and thn show me contents of teh folder and its sub folders ...
P.S. i do not use teh windows user accounts option and sharing option cause i use the comp fer my self .. just that i have a ADSL and my comp. is alwayz on and when frnds come up .. they go to other drives and check out my personal files wich i wana protect thats all :)
thankx once again

  jazzypop 15:57 05 Jul 2003

Just type 'password protect folder' into Google - there are 100's of free programmes that can do what you want.

As always, if you lose your password, be prepared to kiss all of your data goodbye.

If you are worried about external access to your drives, install a good firewall - the free version of Sygate firewall will do just fine.

  King Diamond 23:33 16 Jul 2003

As Kitz E Kat stated, yes it is comparitively easy to bypass BIOS & Windows passwords, but all you are creating is a more secure setup that would put off a potential attacker.

Not all attackers are gonna know how to hack through passwords, so you are just slowing them down and making things a little more awkward for them. If they are gonna hack your system, then they might get bored trying.

My advice is to go for the encryption and the BIOS/Windows passwords. You are better to have as much protection as possible than nothing at all. If these passwords were so useless, then they would not be matter what people say about any type of security, everyone needs it at some point. Its there for a reason and not to be ignored, so ignore it when people say windows/bios passwords are useless, they are not.

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