Password protecting

  Liteman 09:11 10 Oct 2009

I belong to a camera club and am responsible for the clubs laptops. We have profiled the laptops to suit the digital projector we use to ensure that colours are always correct. I need to be able to password protect these settings (which includes screen properties), and all other settings, with only the administrator able to make any setting changes on the machine. How do I set the amount of access users have and keep it all under the control of the administrator.

  exdragon 13:18 10 Oct 2009

What OS?

  Liteman 13:21 10 Oct 2009

XP Home

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:50 10 Oct 2009

All you will be able to do in home is make all other users a limited account.

  Liteman 15:15 10 Oct 2009

How limited is "limited"?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:16 10 Oct 2009

Windows XP Home essentially offers two choices- Administrator and Limited. The Administrator account has essentially full control over anything and everything on the computer. The Limited account can use the computer, but is extremely restricted in its ability to install software or alter system configurations in any way.

One of the primary reasons for using the Limited account is to protect the system from yourself. It’s possible that a family member with Administrator access can accidentally change or delete critical information on the computer. It is also possible that someone with an Administrator account may have their account hacked or become infected with a virus or worm of some sort. Typically, the attacker or malware will be able to wreak havoc on the system using the access privileges of the account that has been compromised. So, it makes sense to save your Administrator account for when it is needed, but use Limited accounts for everyday use by most users.

To choose an account type in Windows XP Home click on User Accounts in the Control Panel. Once you select a user you can click on the “Change My Account Type” button. You will be able to choose between Administrator and Limited and can see a brief description of the abilities of each account type. You are required to have at least one Administrator account, so be sure to leave or create one that is well password protected - but save it for use when necessary and stick to using Limited accounts wherever possible.

  Liteman 15:25 10 Oct 2009

Thanks Fruit Bat, I will set the administrator account on the laptop with a second, limited account for other users.

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