password on pc and laptop copied and used

  Liza 10:17 04 Jun 2013

I am having trouble with my password even though pc is virus protected. I have changed it several times on Windows XP. I know who they are. They are posing as MS trained and working for them. I got them from MS website. Please help. liza

  rdave13 10:43 04 Jun 2013

Not sure what's happened here but I would disconnect the PCs from the net, change your passwords again. Do a search for a program called Teamviewer or some alternatives, scroll down a bit for list and remove it. Only then go back on line.

  rdave13 10:54 04 Jun 2013

There is also one called Gotomypc.

  compumac 14:46 04 Jun 2013

You say that that "you got them from MS website".

Them - Who are them?

Could you clarify with a little more detail?

  Jollyjohn 16:26 04 Jun 2013


Also there is LogMeIn, GoToAssist.

Press Windows key + R type msconfig in box Enter Go to start up Tab Disable all Apply Restart

Once restarted cancel the message about selective start up - we will come back and enable start up items.

Go to control panel Programs and features and look for any programs installed in the last few days - uninstall them - restart as needed.

Then go back to msconfig - start up items and enable those items you want to start when Windows starts.

  lotvic 16:28 04 Jun 2013

Liza, did someone phone you and get you to install a program so they could help you with your pc problems?

  Liza 18:18 04 Jun 2013


Thanks for your speedy reply. Pareto Logic was the guy and the other one is Trev (is on my laptop which I stopped using, I will come back when I log into it). Pareto Logic came on my pc and there was trojan virus so I got into MS to ask what was going on I got this other guy Trev and he then gave me a whole cock and bull story and I fell for it and lethim take out the trojan and install ms defender he said (I have to check). Its a long story. Last friday 31st May I was ordering from here PC Advisor the Google Envy9 MiniGadget 9" Android tablet but my pc was going off everytime so I went back once or twice to type password and get in then when I was in I needed paypal and details were being asked (I didnt give) so I turned off and then decided to change my password for Windows.liza

  compumac 20:06 04 Jun 2013

Liza I am not sure as to what you are stating. Start again in detail. Pareto Logic is a programme not a guy. How did you get in to MS?

  lotvic 22:25 04 Jun 2013

Have you been 'talking' to these 'guys' on the telephone or on 'instant chat' on your pc and laptop?

You said: "They are posing as MS trained and working for them. I got them from MS website"

Please copy the URL website address and paste it into your post so that we can check it out.

When it first started was it the result of you clicking on a PopUp on your screen? and then being told you had trojans etc and you could 'fix it now' by clicking on the popup?

Do not do any money transactions on your pc or laptop, it sounds as if they have spyware, keylogger and a Remote control program installed and you are the victim of a scam.

  Liza 18:17 06 Jun 2013

Hi All Thanks very much for your prompt reply. Jock1e, Yes I have a bank a/c and have not been there yet. I can always go to the bank myself and explain and check account. compumac,Who are 2 people. In Aug 2012. I phoned MS about a problem with Word, a guy known as Prato Logic live pc expert 800 208 0798 replied. He checked and said there was a whole lot of problems so he put right and also provided McAfie. My pc a number of weeks later started giving blue screen of death off and on so on 26 March 2013 I phoned MS again and got Chandan Sharma. She and colleague checked and said pc was infected with trojan. I was so shocked and asked them (Techvedic Technologies pvt Ltd) to deal with it pronto they did and provided MS security essential. Somehow I later got suspicious because I noticed they had deleted the report about details I gave of previous expert (prato logic). Now all this happened on my Acer laptop. However I noticed Prato Logic appearing on my pc's security. I deleted them. How that name got there I do not know. Last week when I typed my password on pc it was not appearing so I typed twice again and it then appeared. I realised afterwards someone was trying to get in so I turned pc off and changed password. I was at the time trying to buy from pc advisor Google's PD60 Android tablet. Why is MS allowing such people. I got them on MS's website. Liza

  lotvic 19:42 06 Jun 2013

Liza you seem very confused. Please answer the questions asked by compumac and the question I asked in my post of June 4, 2013 at 10:25PM

Are you in the UK or USA?

Where did you get the phone number 800 208 0798 from. And don't just say MS website, we need the url address www. I think you are the victim of a scam and your pc is being remotely accessed continually by scammers pretending to be MS support.

To others helping, please read Liza's thread What is logmein in desktop from last October which may have some bearing on present problem.

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