password not working

  Legolas 14:18 10 Sep 2003

My mate has just informed me that she cannot access her computer. As far as I can understand from her diagnosis she tried to install unequal amounts of memory and the computer threw up an error message when she took out the memory stick and booted up the computer would not accept her password. Sorry the details are a bit sketchy but I have not had a look yet just going by her explanation. Any ideas?

  Jester2K II 14:24 10 Sep 2003

Which password? BIOS, Windows etc

  Legolas 14:40 10 Sep 2003


  Legolas 18:10 10 Sep 2003

^ up

  keith-236785 18:29 10 Sep 2003

ask her to try starting in safe mode, if she can, let it finish booting up then shutdown (restart) and try a normal boot up.

which windows is it?

  Legolas 18:41 10 Sep 2003

Not sure as her information was sketchy and she is not very comp literate I should ge more info later.

  seedie 19:19 10 Sep 2003

There's a tool for reading passwords from the ****** if you see what I mean.
Called snadboy's revelation v2.

Got me out of trouble coupla times.

  wee eddie 20:04 10 Sep 2003

If XP, she may have miss-diagnosed the problem. Most modern PC's do not need memory installed in pairs.

Those running W'95 and possibly W'98 may use such paired memory but their versions of Windows are not password sensitive.

  Legolas 20:38 10 Sep 2003

If or when I go to see the problem for myself it will probably be something different from she describes but till then info is sketchy hence I do not know the OS although it is an almost new comp from Dell so it probably is XP.

  wee eddie 20:49 10 Sep 2003

Pop round - at least your halo will get a shine!

  VoG II 20:52 10 Sep 2003

Remember to check for the obvious - like Caps Lock key pressed!

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