password location for wireless network

  PC_HelpMe 20:56 09 Jan 2009


Having set myself up a wireless network connection with my main computer and a laptop, I stupidly didn't write down what passwords etc I used to set it up with (it was a while ago now). Is there anything I can do on either of the computers to see what the settings - including any passwords I would have used at the time - are?

  oldbeefer2 21:00 09 Jan 2009

I have a link on my work computer to a programme that will do this. If not resolved by Monday I'll post then.

  MAJ 21:03 09 Jan 2009

Your wireless password will be in your router's config page, usually accessed by typing something like (depending on your router make) into your browser's address bar. You can get other passwords by using SIW click here under the "Secrets" tab.

  PC_HelpMe 21:19 09 Jan 2009

Thanks for your replies - but having entered the number relevant to my router as suggested by MAJ, there were no signs of any actual passwords - I thought it may have been a password I had to create myself to allow the laptop access to the main computer, so I'm still a tad confused?

  MAJ 21:26 09 Jan 2009

It depends on your router, Jayzee33, it could have been a password you created youself or on some routers it could be a preset password, in which case it is usually printed on the bottom/side of the router. Which make and model of router are you using and who is your ISP?

  PC_HelpMe 21:45 09 Jan 2009

I am actually trying to connect my Nintendo Wii to the wireless network connection if that helps?

  MAJ 21:53 09 Jan 2009

See if this helps. click here or this click here

  PC_HelpMe 12:09 10 Jan 2009

Its me again - sorry for being totally thick - but I'm still having trouble.

I've been on the Nintento website about what password/key I need to enter but under "Wii Security Settings" it just mentions about "WPA2 (AES)" being the most secure. Anyone any ideas?

  MAJ 12:27 10 Jan 2009

If you need to know your wireless password, Jayzee3, then it should be stored in the router settings. What is the make and model of your router? Alternatively you could do a reset of the router and set the network up again from scratch only this time remembering to write down your password. Make your password something you will remember but will be difficult for others to guess. When I set wireless networks up for people I usually use their name, date of birth and place of birth, for example joebloggs01021980timbuctu

  PC_HelpMe 12:38 10 Jan 2009

MAJ - thanks for your continued help. I have just this second worked out what to do. I went into my Network folder on the computer and right clicked on the router, which brought up a window with all the info - I then found what I was looking for under the security settings. Many thanks. It was most appreciated.

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