Password for home network

  flobby 20:32 26 Nov 2010

Hi All, I have a home network set up and working fine and has been for over a year now. The probleb is when I try to connect my Nokia N8 to it I keep getting refused and it asks me to check my password. I wrote it down when i set up the router but it states it is incorrect.
Can I change the password so to enable me to access tne network from my phone.
Thanks in anticipation

  grey george 21:37 26 Nov 2010

If you type into the address bar of your browser it should take you to your router's main page. (it's worth googling your routers make as the address might be a little different) Once you have logged in to your router you can change the password. It may just be that you are using lower case when you set the password in upper case.

  flobby 00:42 27 Nov 2010

I have copied and pasted that but nothing happened and I googled my router D-Link and got no new number . Please what next?

  letsgetrdy 04:47 27 Nov 2010

Your phone may be set to use different encryption than what your router actually requires. For instance, your router might be using WPA2-PSK, and your phone may be set to use WPA. Or WEP.. etc etc. Make sure your phone is set up and using the correct encryption that your router is using, as this would lead to the incorrect password message.

This information will be under "security".

  letsgetrdy 04:51 27 Nov 2010

Also, if you want to access your router, go onto a PC that is connected to it somehow, whether its wired by ethernet, or a laptop using wireless etc.

Press and hold the windows key (between crtl + alt) and then press R. This will display the run dialogue. Type "cmd" without quotes and hit enter. Then type "ipconfig" without quotes and enter that. Your routers address is the one named "Default Gateway". Typing this into a browser should get you in.

  letsgetrdy 04:53 27 Nov 2010

Also, it appears D Link routers have a default address of instead of

  flobby 10:39 27 Nov 2010

I have got to the D-Link page but it is asking me for my username and password, so I am back to square 1

  mgmcc 12:13 27 Nov 2010


Username - admin

Password - (leave blank)

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