Password help - Win 98

  six-h 02:04 06 Mar 2009

My daughter has given me her old PC and hopes that I can either retrieve or delete her password so that she can save her files before they are lost forever.
I think I've read that it can be done, problem is at the moment, I don't have a mouse so I'm struggling to master keyboard commands!!
Any help will get me "brownie points" lol

  Shuffty 08:25 06 Mar 2009

Try this
Breaking Windows 98 Passwords
1)when the computer boots keep pressing F8 until you get to a boot screen.
2)Select boot in DOS.
3)Get yourself into the windows folder by typing "cd windows" (without the "")
4)next type "dir *.pwl". This will display the login password files.
5)after you found out the one thats yours (or ne1 elses you want to get into) type del
6)Reboot the computer
7)When you have to login, put in the username you deleted, and enter new password you like.
8)The computer will say sumthin like "No password. Would you like to use this one?

9)Put your password in, and voila!

  six-h 13:18 06 Mar 2009

Thanks Shuffty,
Managed to crack the Password on her general account..."password"..and she couldn't remember that!! lol
I'll try your solution for the main account as soon as I can find a PS2 mouse 'cos I keep getting "Kernel 32" messages that are "always on top" windows, which don't seem to respond to keyboard commands and I can't see the info beneath.

Concerning the motherboard, an "Abit SL6" : - click here

Can anyone advise if my old RAM sticks would be compatible, I have 4 x 256MB DDR 400Mhz 64 bit dual channel sticks.
I'm not very technically aware, but I'm pretty sure it won't support my old P4 3Ghz CPU, not convinced that it's working anyway!
Would be grateful for any advice.

  brundle 13:23 06 Mar 2009

The board uses SDRAM, your DDR memory is not compatible. You're right in that it won't support your P4.

  six-h 13:29 06 Mar 2009

Thanks brundle, that's bad news!
I'm not used to such a slow machine. lol
Given that the processor can't be swapped, and I've not got any compatible RAM, can I somehow speed it up a bit?

  brundle 13:31 06 Mar 2009

What's the spec at the moment? Use this to find out. click here
98 can work comfortably with 128mb of memory, less than that will make it a bit sluggish. If the CPU is a Celeron it won't help either.

  six-h 14:05 06 Mar 2009

brundle, Downloading it now onto a mem stick from my own PC, and will get back once I've managed to use it on the old one.

  six-h 15:58 06 Mar 2009

Hi brundle,
Ran it, stepped through the wizard and got the message "Windows couldn't find a driver for this software"
From what I can see, it comprises the following: -
Motherboard :- Abit SL 6
CPU :- Intel P3 133Mhz
HDD :- 20GB Western Digital
RAM :- 128MB PC 133 labeled "8M*8 SDRAM"
Graphics :- Nvida G Force 2MX/32MB
Rear connections direct to Mb :-
Mouse/Kb PS2 sockets x 2 (currently no mouse attached)
USB (2?) sockets x 2
Parallel port
Socket labeled "Serial 1" pale blue, 9 pin,
(1x4 and 1x5 pins)
Socket labeled "Serial 2 VGA" dk blue, 15 holes,
(3 x 5 holes)
Socket Labeled "Midi/Games" Yellow 15 Holes,
(1 x 7 and 1 x 8 holes)
Audio jack sockets x 3, (3.5mm) Green, Blue and Pink.

There is also a further socket, above those directly fixed to the MB, it is a duplicate of the "serial 1" socket, internally connected to the motherboard by a ribbon cable.

There are also three occupied bays.
First, the graphics card, with a VGA out which is connected to the CRT monitor.
Below that is a card with one RJ45 socket, labeled "ink" (could be "Link", but I can't see the "L") lol
Lastly, there is another card, with two RJ45's, one labeled "phone" the other "Line".
It also sports two 3.5mm jack sockets, "spk" and "mic"

I received with the PC, a "BT Voyager 105" USB ADSL Modem.
The PC lists software to do with this, and I wonder if I can use it with my BB connection, seperately, on another socket away from my Router which is serving My own PC?

  six-h 16:06 06 Mar 2009

Forgot to mention Drives : -
CD RW, DVD ROM, and a Floppy drive.
The floppy has a wide ribbon connector attached, but there is also a white 4 wire socket nearby, which seeks to be connected alongside the ribbon cable.
Looks as if it was connected for some considerable time, but has been purposely unplugged.
Devices shows up a yellow triangle against this drive.

  brundle 16:38 06 Mar 2009

You're sure that's not Intel P3 733mhz?
The RJ45 "Link" socket means you can hook it into your router. Best to use the ethernet connection for internet at any rate. If you're using an ADSL router for the internet you wouldn't be able to use the modem on another socket anyway - can't have two ADSL modems on one line.

That should be usably quick if you keep the number of background applications limited and use a lightweight antivirus program.

The other sockets are RJ11s, that's an internal modem.

  Shuffty 17:08 06 Mar 2009

The floppy drive requires the power supply plugging in thats why you are seeing the yellow triangle
you can download the manual from here
click here

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