Password on Folder

  Dazwm 16:44 25 Jan 2004

I have a compressed folder on my desktop with a password so that if anyone tries opening the files within it you have to enter the password. The problem is that when I add files to the folder these are not password protected and can be opened by anyone, so I have to right click remove password then add password to the folder again so that all are protected. Any ideas how I can avoid this long and laborious task every time I want to add a file to the folder?

  Dazwm 17:34 25 Jan 2004


  sdfs 18:37 25 Jan 2004

I could do with some help on this too.

  dotterel 18:37 25 Jan 2004

You could try a different system - Paragon Encrypted Disk is being supplied with Computer Shopper (sorry FE!) either currently or last month. This enables you to set up an entire virtual disk which can be password protected. Works very well. Cheers.

  sdfs 18:57 26 Jan 2004


  Chegs ® 19:16 26 Jan 2004

Try the LOck prog from here click here only read thru the whole thread as he had bother getting it to d/l.This prog has to unlock the whole file before you can add to it,then simply relock it again afterwards.Its still not an ideal solution as the Lock takes a few mins to lock/unlock things(dependent on sizes)

  HeddaLora 02:24 27 Jan 2004

What's the operating system? I think on NT systems (and so probably also Win2K) you can just password the folder, without having to password the files within.

  hugh-265156 02:29 27 Jan 2004

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