Password for BIOS entry

  lodger 20:24 19 Dec 2005

Second-hand ex college pc asks me for a password before I can access bios....seller has no idea of there any way around this ? 98se

  pj123 20:26 19 Dec 2005
  VoG II 20:26 19 Dec 2005
  lodger 21:24 19 Dec 2005

for the great advice.....full progress report follows tomorrow..........

  ns123 21:36 19 Dec 2005

sometime u can hold the enter key or keep pressing it wher it ask u 4 the passwrd and this sometimes gets throgh it

  lodger 10:14 20 Dec 2005

yes the enter key will work around it..:)........but I would prefer to find that elusive jumper on the pc thinks its July 2002 at 1pm...i cant escape that message telling me that cmos is wrong..........i have ameritrends with built in sound and video....anyone know where the jumper might be hiding?......

  jimv7 11:27 20 Dec 2005

Most have a red jumper in the vicinity of the mobo battery.

  pj123 15:19 20 Dec 2005

Just looked in a few different Motherboard manuals and as jimv7 says there is a 3 pin header that says "something like" Normal Pins 1 and 2. Clear CMOS Pins 2 and 3. In all cases it is called JP1 and is very close to the Motherboard Battery. But if your PC thinks it is
July 2002 at 1pm that would suggest to me that it is time to replace the battery anyway.

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