podlod 14:50 10 Sep 2008

Hi, I cant remember if I have asked this question before but I wish to have a password for a folder that I have some personnel documents within, is there a simple way through my pc, or is there a free site I can download that will help me in this manner?

  cornflakes 16:17 10 Sep 2008

Try 7zip (see PC Advisor issue No: 159 - October 2008 page 112 for a full write-up on how to use it) with which you can password protect an encrypted zip file/folder


Try TrueCrypt. It’s a freeware program which will encrypt folders etc with a password

Hope this helps………………….Cornflakes

  Sparkly 16:22 10 Sep 2008

Another option
click here

  Technotiger 16:25 10 Sep 2008

Or, in XP, simply right-click on the folder and click on Sharing and Security, then on make this folder private.

  GaT7 16:30 10 Sep 2008

TrueCrypt click here is the best click here - more secure, more features & works on a USB flash drive as well. I use it all the time. G

  podlod 11:42 11 Sep 2008

Hi, thanks for all your help.
I have downloaded TrueCrypt and read through the tutorial, and before I do something wrong can you please confirm if I am thinking the correct way in carrying out the following; you can choose one of their lettered drives but it does not mean one of your drives, and when I make a folder that I then choose a password, it is just a folder only and not a complete area as they associated which was ` My Documents` and the then folder which I made is then transfered to ` My Documents` area only, I hope I made myself clear? I tried the sharing and security password that Technotiger suggested but for some reason it did not work, I must be doing something wrong somewhere.

  GaT7 18:51 11 Sep 2008

Here's how to use TrueCrypt (TC) to create a basic standard volume, open it, store data in it & shut it down.....

I. Creating a Volume & password-protecting it:

1. Open TC & click on 'Create Volume'

2. Choose 'Create a file container'

3. Choose 'Standard TrueCrypt volume'

4. Choose 'Select File' & enter anything you like for file name - e.g. something you'd like to call your volume (IMP: make a note of the path/drive/directory your going to save the file/volume in)

[Choose 'Save as type' 'TrueCrypt Volumes...' if you want the volume to be associated with TrueCrypt. You can still open the volume with TC even if you do not associate it with TC - this is a little more 'secure']

Click on 'Save'

6. Click on 'Next' & 'Next' in the wizard (you can experiment all you want with other settings later)

7. Enter the size of the volume you want to create (bigger than the data you want to store in it - better to oversize it by several Mb), & click on 'Next'

8. Enter password twice (IMP: do NOT forget this password, because if you do the data you store in the volume will be totally unrecoverable)

9. In the 'Volume Format' screen, click on 'Format' (Again you want to keep everything as default this time. FAT is ideal as it can be read in almost any OS)

10. Once formatting is done, click on 'Next' & 'Cancel'

11. Congrats! You have now created an encrypted password-protected TC volume. You can navigate in Windows to the location you created it & have a look at it (If you associated it with TC, it will display with a TC-like icon. Otherwise it'll look like some non-descript file, hence a little more secure).

Now you want to open it to store your data in it.....

II. Opening the volume, storing data & shutting securely:

1. Open TC, & click on 'Select File'

2. Browse to the volume (i.e. file you created above), select it & click on 'Open'

3. Click on 'Mount' (TC usually selects a vacant drive letter by default - if it doesn't, select any one from the list)

4. Enter your password

5. If the password is correct, your volume should automatically open up in a separate Window (If it doesn't, look for it in My Computer - it'll show as a disk drive there. Double-click to open)

6. Now you can drag-drop / cut-paste / copy-paste your personal data into the volume (it will store any kind of file, just like a hard disk does)

7. Once all data is copied & your done, simply highlight it in TC & click on 'Dismount' & 'Exit'

8. IMP: you MUST dismount it. Otherwise, the volume is still open like a regular hard disk/directory, & can be viewed by anyone accessing your computer - they will not be required to enter a password. So DISMOUNT it!

That's it.

All the above may seem a bit tedious, but:

a. If you're creating one (or a few volumes), you don't have to worry about creating one/them again (unless they fill up of course)

b. Opening a volume is so much easier & faster - you'll see when you've done it a few times. Plus dragging-dropping files isn't a problem (right?)

c. Once you get used to it, it won't be a chore any more. And is a small price to pay for security & peace of mind :-)

Under any circumstance, DISMOUNT it after use & DO NOT FORGET THAT PASSWORD!

Once you've learnt the fundamentals you can do a little experimenting, change preferences (Settings > Preferences), etc. Enjoy & keep safe :-), G

  oldbeefer2 18:53 11 Sep 2008

Or use folderlock - very simple if you're not after Fort Knox security! click here

  GaT7 19:13 11 Sep 2008

Folderlock costs $35, while TrueCrypt is FREE :-). And once a volume is created, it's very easy to use. G

  podlod 07:43 13 Sep 2008

Hi Crossbow, I am going to follow your directions and will let you know how I get on?
Technotiger I have carried out exactly as you suggested and now I have to give a password for my pc and not my folder, how can I eliminate this password for my pc as I have removed the tick from the box and it still requires a password?

  Technotiger 07:56 13 Sep 2008

Do a System Restore back to before you made any changes.

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