User-CC451423-468D-451F-9CBC223C3471A828 08:08 09 Oct 2004

Can you please help me! I am designing a web for a small yoga group. We want the website to be accessed by the publc. But some pages to the members only. So I want to put passwrd to those pages. ( may be 3 pages). I am using dreamweaver mx. I am familiar with access. Is any way I can insert the password with out going too deeper.
I understand frontpage 2003 has easier solution.

Also I have a registration form on a page. I lie to have a print button .. so User can press and get a hard copy

thanks a lot in advance

  Forum Editor 08:34 09 Oct 2004

a few pages is to use a third-party solution like Coffee-Cup's excellent little Password Wizard.

click here

It's easy to use, can be configured to blend with your site, and is as secure as you'll need for your type of use.

  cadley 12:14 09 Oct 2004

If you don't mind using javascript then this will print out the page you insert it in (good for frames pages to print out one part of a frame

<!-- Begin
if (window.print) {
document.write('<form>Click Here To '
+ '<input type=button name=print value="Print" '
+ 'onClick="javascript:window.print()"> This Page!</form>');
// End -->

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