By-passing start-up files on Win98

  spanneress 09:34 01 Feb 2004


I worked on a PC all day yesterday, sorted it but really want to know *why* it behaved like it did. Old P3 450, running low on resources so user deleted all unwanted files (temp files blah blah)and from that point on it would only boot to C prompt..flash screen of Win 98 briefly. No prob I thought - created a boot disc from another win98 machine I have, changed it to boot from CD drive and pop in the 98 disc. Not a chance, Hacked the autoexec.bat etc etc which all looked like a 5 yr old had written them but still no avail. It would get to safe mode menu then back to Dos prompt and Win98 would not install as already existed!
Eventually, took the HDD out, changed it to a slave and dropped it in my other machine, copied all data onto a CD and blatted it and re-installed.

But I am that sad that I thought about this all night and still don't know what the cause was...tried copying the necessary system files to the Dos dir etc etc but absolutely no luck till I blatted it.

Anyone else had this problem and can help my troubled mind?

Many thanks from a true geek.

  usjeff 09:47 01 Feb 2004

blatted it ??????? Perhaps Im too ancient to understand the phrase LOL.
Did you run Anti virus check ?

  spanneress 10:01 01 Feb 2004

Blatted = formatted!! sorry!

I couldn't get passed the dos prompt so was unable to do much but I did discover some rather dodgy files residing in the root dir which I deleted so it either had or did have a virus of some sort.

I am more intreagued as to why it behaved as it did.

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