By Passing Network Administrators Restrictions

  SolvaWorld 11:16 19 Apr 2004

Hi I have a old Networked Company Computer running on Windows NT 4.0. I am upgrading it at the moment but have come across one problem. After finally getting the system to recognise the new CD-Drive. tried to install Windows 2K. However I get the message, access denied only the Administrator can can do it. I dont have the foggiest what the Admins Log in is or how to get around this problem any ideas would be gratefully received otherwise it will a real waste of a good computer.

So far I have tried pnot putting in a password and making user name Administrator, Admin etc but no luck.

Could reset the bios password as advised but have no idea what exactly that enables me to do. Plus I dont have an idea of how to obtain the motherboard details.
Im useless I know.

Many Thanks In Advance All

  SolvaWorld 11:30 19 Apr 2004

Hey, Folks.

One of you kindly enough advised me to Boot up using the CD-ROM and not the HDD. To this I was advised to change the boot settings in my bios.

As I have no idea on how to this. Could I change the jumper settings on the HDD & the CDD. Setting the HDD to Slave And the CDD to Master.

Thanks Guys

  AndySD 11:33 19 Apr 2004

As the pc starts try tapping away at Delete as this may let you into the BOIS/Setup (there may well be a message onscreen as it starts telling you to press a key.) Otherwise what is the make/model of the pc?

  temp003 11:44 19 Apr 2004

Presumably the computer is no longer needed to remain in the company network? And you don't need to retain any data on the hard disk?

When you start computer, press Delete (or any key suggested on the screen)as suggested by AndySD to enter Bios setup.

Inside, look for something like boot sequence or boot device priority. See if CDROM is listed as an option. If so, make the CDROM the first boot device. Save BIOS settings and exit.

If you think you may have done something in BIOS setup you shouldn't have, just exit without saving changes. Then restart and try again.

  temp003 12:07 19 Apr 2004

If you manage to change the boot sequence, insert w2k CD and restart computer. Get your finger ready on any key on the keyboard, watch the screen, and when you see a message (usually there is) asking you to press any key to boot from CD, press a key.

You'll see a screen with the title Windows 2000 Setup. The CD will start to load files, and ultimately you'll see Welcome to Setup. Press Enter to set up w2k, press F8 to accept agreement.

You'll be asked where to install w2k. Highlight the C partition, press Enter. You'll be warned about an existing operating system being there, just confirm that's what you want to do.

When given formatting options, choose format with NTFS file system. After formatting, files will be copied to the hard disk. Then you'll be prompted to restart. Leave CD in, let computer restart, but this time, do NOT boot from CD (so don't press any key on keyboard). Follow the prompts.

click here for an explanation of what happens during installation, with some screenshots. You can start with Part two: Text mode (you can skip first parts).

  SolvaWorld 12:16 19 Apr 2004

Hi thanks for your help guys.

My computer is a Dell Optiplex G1.

Enter the bios by pressing f2 at the start up screen. I went into the bios yesterday when installing a cd drive into the system and went to boot sequence but I can remember their being an option boot from CD.

Used after windows has installed dont boot from the CD so do you mean as soon as the first the computer restarts it self go into the bios and set it back to normal? Because I know during windows installation it might restart itself a few times.

Again Thanks In advance

  AndySD 12:29 19 Apr 2004

After you set it to boot from the cd you should get this message on startup click here just press any key to start the windows setup. leave the bios as it is untill windows finishes loading. (just dont press any keys its timed so will move on with the boot process)

  SolvaWorld 12:49 19 Apr 2004

Thanks I'll try it then. If you have any other suggestions just llet me know.

Thanks All

  SolvaWorld 17:06 19 Apr 2004

Hi guys tried it. Went into Bios changed the boot sequence. It didnt say CD-drive it just PXE so I changed it to that anyway. And when It boots up it just says PXE-106 Media Failure then PXE-M15 something like aborting. Then Loads windows through The HDD. Tried reversing the HDD and the CDD jumpers to Slave and Master still the same.

It cant be the cable because when windows starts the CDD is present and working fine.

Any more suggestions would be most welcome.

Im at a loss

  AndySD 17:26 19 Apr 2004

Change it back to boot from the floppy get the 4 floppy diske for loading 2000 from click here and try booting with the floppy disks.

  SolvaWorld 13:59 20 Apr 2004

Hi all just wanted to say thanks. Last nite I booted it from the floppy drive and Installed Windows 2000 from a boot up disk Just like you said AndySD.

Again many thanks all

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