Parttion Magic

  blurdevil 02:37 03 Jul 2003

can partition magic resize the partition without format the partition ??

example : c:(20 Gig)
d:(10 Gig)

now i wanna d: to become 20Gig and c: become 10Gig as C: some utilities installed and lazy to format..! or any other programs that can use ?

thankz for spending your time reading and thinking of a solutions for me ! thankz..

  Mango Grummit 02:44 03 Jul 2003

Yes it can. Just use the resize wizard is the easiest way, though I can't remember off hand the precise order of things just now (well past my bedtime). However I don't think you can go far wrong. It is self explanatory really.

  blurdevil 04:46 03 Jul 2003

if it goes wrong....
got anything that can rewind wut i have done ??

  zanwalk 08:37 03 Jul 2003

PM manual states that you should backup all your data before doing anything. This is absolutely necessary as it is possible for the operation to go wrong, not very likely, but I have had it happen once.

Otherwise, the operation is very easy as the wizard will guide you through it. And no, I don't know of any way you can 'rewind'!

  Cesar 10:23 03 Jul 2003

you should find all the answers to your problems in the "Online Help", You dont have to format again.

  IZZY 11:18 03 Jul 2003

blurdevil, Hi,

Just make sure you make a set of rescue discs before you do anything else. If things do go wrong they'll get you out of a mess but if you follow the instructions it's really quite straightforward.

Good Luck,



  blurdevil 12:55 03 Jul 2003

Guyz...!! thankz wei !
my problems settle already ! thankz a lot...!


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