Partitions, Yes or No !?

  Robotic_Rob 23:07 17 Mar 2004


Im buying a new pc on fri/sat and im thinking about partitioning the hdd. As its going to be a 120Gb, i think its goin to be a little on the large side to have as 1. But a mate doesnt like a partitioned drive for some reason.

So whats the positive and negative sides of having a hdd partitioned in to many sections?

And how many of you have your hdd partitioned and with what size hdd??



  LastChip 23:27 17 Mar 2004

That's my advice, for what it's worth!

At the very least, divide into two. The main C: partition would be used as normal, operating system, applications etc, but you would use the second partition for all your personal data.
That way, if you ever have a major crash that needs a re-format and install, all your personal data will be unaffected.

My own 120 GBt drive is actually partitioned into four, but that's just my personal choice.

  gudgulf 23:35 17 Mar 2004

Depends what you are going to do with the pc ,but LastChip is correct---a second partition is a very good place to put all your documents/photo's/music etc.

  Robotic_Rob 23:36 17 Mar 2004

Whats the best software to partition the little bugger then? As i dont think il be able 2 get away with formatting my hdd. And it will have a few big programs on. I dont think il get away with formatting as i dont wanna screw it all up,when it envolves so much money.

  gudgulf 23:48 17 Mar 2004

Who are you buying it from?-----try ringing your supplier,they might do it for you prior to delivery.

  Chegs ® 00:10 18 Mar 2004

I was reading up on pro's and cons of partitioning recently.If using 9x OS,it must be FAT32 filesystem,this has probs with latest big HDD's.So,XP it is,this is best used in NTFS and partitioned,as XP seems to "get lost" in 120Gb's(personal experience)and this reduces cluster sizes,which leads to less space wasted(as optimum cluster size is 4K,so a 1K file will occupy a 4K cluster,just the same as a 3K would)aides searches(20Gb's is quicker searched than 120Gb+)maintenance is quicker(defrag,etc)create/format a 10-20Gb partition,with XP install cd,and then the rest of the drive is personal preferences(dependant on use to which puter is put mainly,eg,gaming machine,several 20Gb partitions/Vid rendering,fewer but bigger partitions) The PC can also seem faster running with partitions,as the HDD heads don't have as far to travel to locate the data.

  Chegs ® 00:13 18 Mar 2004

I use a pair of 120Gb SATA HDD's in RAID (240Gb single drive)cfg,partitioned into 11 partitions.

  Ritchbee 00:15 18 Mar 2004

Sorry to jump in on this one.
Has anyone got simple instructions on how you go about doing this for an idiot like me.
Everything I have is on the 'C' drive at the moment.

  temp003 11:47 19 Mar 2004


With a new disk, you don't need any special software.

Are you going to install an operating system on the new disk.

What OS will you be (or are you) using?


With existing stuff on the disk, you will need third party software such as Partition Magic or Ranish Partition Manager. Better start a new thread yourself. I'm sure someone can recommend a program for you.

  LastChip 12:35 19 Mar 2004

For an explanation of how to partition a NEW drive, click here

If you want to partition an existing drive, where data on the drive cannot be disturbed, you need to use third party software such as Partition Magic mentioned by temp003.

If going that route, make sure any personal data is backed up. Although Partition Magic is very good and rarely creates problems, there's always a first time!

  pj123 13:03 19 Mar 2004

Download Ranish from click here this will partition an existing hard drive without loss of data.

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