Partitions using acronis.? or other

  awest3 10:06 23 Apr 2009

My C drive is failing so I thought I'd put in a new drive. The old disk was 40gb the new one 160gb (although only formatted at 128gb..the subject of another thread). If I resore the image I have from acronis does it just use 40gb and the rest unused..? Can I partition the drive into two so that the c drive drive is restored, and the rest can be used for data etc.. I ask this because when I try to restore its says that the drive must be empty and is it ok to delete other partions...I'm told that Acronis, which I've had for 3-4 years but never had to use in anger brfore, is easy to use but I seem to be able to find a new question at each stage...any help gratefully received as ever.

  rawprawn 10:22 23 Apr 2009

Why not concentrate on problem at a time.
1, "Restore" Use Clone to copy your failing HDD to your new HDD
2, Partition your new HDD.

  Quiet Life 13:25 23 Apr 2009

If your Acronis is version 7 I would not trust it.
The approach that I would use using free programs that work.
1 Partition new drive with Easeus Partition Mgr
Available here click here

2. Clone your C drive to the new first partition on your new drive making it bootable using XXclone.
Available here click here

You can boot to your new drive to make sure it is OK before using you old drive for other storage

  awest3 13:53 23 Apr 2009

its acronis true copy 11..I usually update to the latest version 6 months or so after its released.

I'll give the clone idea a try, but when I want to partition the drive wont it want to delete the new C clone partition first..?

  Quiet Life 14:35 23 Apr 2009

See above 1 (Partition first).

  cream. 14:45 23 Apr 2009

Acronis is fool proof, well it works for me.:-)

If you clone your 40Gb to your 128Gb ( 160Gb ) drive, it will use all of that drive. So it might be 128Gb or 160Gb.

If you have clone and disk director you can resize the drive after the clone. It's easy. You just select the size you want for the partition, a drive letter and the file system and commit. It reboots and does everything before windows restarts.

  awest3 17:00 23 Apr 2009

thanks guys...I'll give it a try.

  awest3 08:23 24 Apr 2009 a start I've restored the C drive on a different XP system than that to which it belongs..Can't get the original machine up to try the clone at the moment...I'm right in thinking that I can't use this drive as the c drive in another (different motherboard) PC am I not? This would have been an ideal solution as the machine it came out of seems to have a few other problems....(it was built by my daughters husband a while ago and there appear to be wires going every which way...I'm starting to think that for its age I might as well replace it....

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