Partitions-How many?

  The Mountaineer 14:50 25 Mar 2008

For the last couple of years I've been running my laptop with two partitions, one for Windows with programmes and one for other data (docs, photos, videos etc) It all seemed the right thing to do at the time, and my system has been brilliant ever since, mostly. But ...... if I want to reinstall a clean copy of Windows, I lose my programmes and have to reinstall them all again.
So, my question ( and apologies if the answer if blindingly obvious) can I use three partitions, one for Windows, one for apps, one for other data? I'm just unsure if apps will work with drivers across a partition.

  xania 14:57 25 Mar 2008

You can, and I do. However, you will still have problems when you re-install your operating system. Some of your programs will still work. BUT!!! Most of the programs install themselves with information going into Registry, which, of course, you lose as soon as you start to re-install, and all these will have to be reinstalled. However, you will have the advantage that you are re-installing over the top and you could find that many of your settings will be safe.

  Gongoozler 14:58 25 Mar 2008

Hi The Mountaineer. You can use another partition for installing programs, but in the majority of cases it it won't help. The installed programs will have parts integrated into Windows anyway so if you do a clean installation of Windows you will still have to reinstall the programs. What is probably better is to use another partition or drive to keep an image of your Windows with installed programs using something like Acronis so that you can restore the installation if Windows gets corrupted. click here

  Stuartli 15:00 25 Mar 2008

If it's XP why not do an XP Repair?

  The Mountaineer 15:03 25 Mar 2008

Hi Xania and Gongloozler
Thanks, and both views understood. I do backup everything to a separate drive so putting everything back is no problem anyway but I was curious about the three partition setup. Is there ANY advantage at all in doing this then?

  The Mountaineer 15:05 25 Mar 2008

Hi Stuartli,
You're right I could just do a repair but I listen to some "experts" who say we should do a clean install every 6 months anyway!

  xania 15:47 25 Mar 2008

I prefer to work with a separate WIndows partition - seems quicker but certainly quicker to wipe down when re-installing. Having a separate drive for all your data is helpful for backing up data. Apart from that, I guess its purely a matter of poersonal opinion. I have a number of virtual drives - I even keep my games and my other software separate, but, there again, I do muck about a bit!!

  Technotiger 17:31 25 Mar 2008

Hmmm, the only time I have done a clean re-install of my XP Home(SP3) in the past eight years, is when I did a major hardware upgrade - ie new motherboard among other things.

I believe in the PCA Tinkerers Association motto - "If it aint broke, don't fix it"

  Technotiger 17:31 25 Mar 2008

PS - nor do I believe in extra partitions!

  sunny staines 17:34 25 Mar 2008

i used to do a clean install each year but not longer bother. With free tools to clean up debris and reg entries you can keep your pc tuned all year round.

  Gongoozler 17:41 25 Mar 2008

"clean install every 6 months". There was some truth in this in the days of Windows 98, but XP does it's own housekeeping much better. I do believe in doing a regular clean-up with Ccleaner every few months to clear out accumulated rubbish.

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