k_g2000 14:35 19 Mar 2003

Hi, I had ME as an op. on a 1 partition drive(40gig), using partition magic I split this drive into 3 partitions the shown sizes are 2(extended) 10(primary), 25.4 gig(primary). ME is on the 10 gig partition and as I set the 25.4 gig partition to be active ME became unaccessable from boot up. I put XP on the active partition and left the 2gig for data. The partition ME then became hidden due to non-compatability I unhidd this partition and as far as I can tell everything is intact. Is there a way to make ME active again as an op. And maybe have a dual boot? And access all programs.

  bruce 16:51 19 Mar 2003


If I understand correctly, you now have:
c - 2 gb extended (for data)
d - 10 gb primary (ME)
e - 25.4 gb primary (XP).

I *think* you have to have your active primary partition in first place on your hdd, so you should put your 2 gb data partition at the end of your hdd, not the beginning, ie change your hdd to look like:

c - 10 gb primary (ME)
d - 25.4 gb primary (XP)
e - 2 gb extended (for data).

Partition Magic will do this for you (wonderful program).

You should have been able to use the advanced install feature of XP to install a dual boot. You could always use Boot Magic (which might be included in your copy of Partition Magic, dpending on what version it is).

  k_g2000 17:17 19 Mar 2003

Hi bruce the system is a friends and ME was allready on the drive so I don't have a disk to re-install and he wants to keep all his programs on ME. Also now I am unable to access PM because the partitions drive letter can not be identified for some reason.(I'm using PM 7.0)
Thanks for the help.

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