PartitionMagic v8

  Granddad Ray 13:39 13 Sep 2004

Following the very helpful advice of bww, Fruit Bat/\0/\ and cga , I bought and installed Partition Magic v8.0 carefully following all the installation instructions. After reading the handbook I tried to increase the size of my C: drive. I followed theonscreen guide and the process seemed to freeze. I saw in the corner of your screen ‘5 Operations pending’

This represented all of the tasks I wanted Partition Magic wanted to do, i.e. something was preventing it working. When I chose apply and subsequently rebooted, Error 58 was reported and Windows would not load. I used this recovery disk to get back to normal and tried again

To make doubly sure that I had not made a mistake, I uninstalled and reinstalled Partition Magic and went through the whole process again. The result was the same. My operating system is Windows XP with SP2. All background programmes (Norton System Works 2003, Norton Internet Security 2003, Norton AntiVirus 2004, GoBack and Windows Firewall) were closed down both prior to installation and using PartitionMagic.

I visited Symantec’s Technical Support site and could not find anything to help with the problem. I tried to e-mail them but this was reported as the wrong address. I would have like to used the telephone support system but, after having paid £60 for Partition Magic, I think it highly unreasonable that I should be required to pay a further €34.50 to enable me to use the product

I would be most grateful if anybody could give me further help.

  TomJerry 14:00 13 Sep 2004

What is the version number of your PM. There is a patch to upgrade to 8.01 to get ride of some problems click here.

I believe that there was a later version 8.02 and upgrade was available in, but cannot find it anymore. I was told the latest version is 8.05, but cannot find any info in Symantec wev site.

There are some programs not working with SP2, but I do not think PM is one of them. But, many software program can be fixed by upgrade to latest version.

£60? seems overpaid, only £29.99 at Amazon click here

  leo49 14:01 13 Sep 2004

This could well be bound up with Go Back and the way it messes up the MBR and modifies the drive.I know it's closed down but this nasty piece of software has a habit of sabotaging PM and DI.

  TomJerry 14:05 13 Sep 2004

here is the link

click here

  Jeffers22 14:08 13 Sep 2004

Error 58 may appear when you have virus or boot sector protection enabled in your bios.

Disable the virus or boot-sector protection, and you should have no problem using PartitionMagic to partition your hard drive.

Boot sector virus protection is a hang over from the days when virus distribution/infection was from an infected floppy. You do not really need this enabled these days.

  Jeffers22 14:11 13 Sep 2004

I would add that the above came from the Symantec Partition Magic site, so is the answer to your problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:18 13 Sep 2004

Fell intosame trap when I first used it.

When you set up the tasks they are not done immediately although you are shown a representation on the screen. They go into the pending tray this gives you the option to cancel if you change your mind

Just below the operations pending box are two buttons Undo (change you mind) and Apply (do the changes) when you click apply go away and make a cup of tea it takes a long time to apply the changes.

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