PartitionMagic 5.01

  spuds 12:52 18 Oct 2003

Recently I have have made changes to my computer system, by upgrading and dual installing hard-drives and operating systems.Drive1 consists of a Maxtor 120gb H/D using Windows XP Pro. The Drive2 consists of another Maxtor 20gb H/D using WME, now full to capacity.

I intend to partion my Drive1, so that I can use a Linux system, as a try-out.Checking through some computer magazines, I have found a 'full working' programme of Powerquest PartitionMagic 5.01 as a freebie cover disk.I understand that the latest version of PartitionMagic is version 8.0, which is available for about £40.00/£45.00.I do not want to spend any extra money,at the present time, if it is totally un-neccessary.

Question: Can I use 5.01 with XP with satisfactory results, and if so,what further advice would you give, so that I can achieve my objectives.Thanks,regards and best wishes as always.

  Brian-336451 12:59 18 Oct 2003

I think version 5 pre-dates XP. If you search for Partition Magic 8, you can download it from the USA for about£30 some-odd which is damn good value.

Version 8 is about as different from 5 as a Ford Prefect is from a Jaguar.

I fervently believe it is worth the money.

  Simsy 13:15 18 Oct 2003

I'm pretty sure you can load it onto your WinMe system and use it to partition the disc that has the XP on it.

Good luck,



  leo49 13:20 18 Oct 2003

If you run version5 in Windows,it's likely you'll have problems. - support for ME and 2k only arrived at version6,with XP support coming with version7.

I seem to recall,though, that flecc once said you could use the the PM5 floppies created on a 98 machine to run the program in minimal/dos mode with later OS's.[I'm not 100% sure of that though].

  TECHNODIMWIT 20:27 18 Oct 2003

just found my floppy disc's of pm5.

they don't allow changes to partitions, possibly
cant see NTFS, only FAT, didn't even give me the choice of converting.

i know they work in Win98 and WinME, so i suspect the prog is to old.


  spuds 23:08 18 Oct 2003

Seems as though 5.01 will not work with XP,and that I need the latest versions 7.0 or the much better 8.0 for a compatible solution.

Been checking various internet outlets for prices, and the best price in the UK seems to be about £44.94 for version 8.0 or £23.99 for version 7. Stateside seem to vary in price from $48.72-$69.00. One company as version 8 oem on special offer at $23.94, but they do not deliver to the UK only USA and Canada.

Looks like my objectives will have to wait till christmas,hoping that Santa deliver me a version 8.

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