Granddad Ray 18:34 31 Aug 2004

My C Drive has become so full that I cannot defrag it. After moving all the items I know I can safely move, this is still the case. I thought that PartitionMagic would solve my problem but, for this PC ignoramus, the ReadMe notes carried load of notes that I simply do not understand. My single operating system is XP
Drives C (main) 40GB; F (Secondary) 15GB; G 15GB; H 10GB
I have no idea whether they are FAT or FAT32 partitions or how to find out
Presumably the assigned priority is indicated by the order in which they are listed on explorer. Is this correct?
There are no bad sectors

Can any kind computer buff help by telling in very simple terms how this layman can safely use PartitionMagic?

  bvw in bristol 18:48 31 Aug 2004

Right click "My Computer" on your desktop.

Left click "Manage".

Left click "Disk Management".

That will show you your partitions.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:52 31 Aug 2004

In your start manager

click partition magic tools,

select tutorial

this gives a good eplanation of partitions and use of partiton magic.

  cga 19:01 31 Aug 2004

I agree with bvv - this is the first step to understand what you have.

Partition Magic is a wonderful tool. I have used it since version 3.0 (a long time) and I would not be without it. It will show you the disks in very much the same way as Disk Management but it will also allow you take additional actions.

Everything is visible and easy to use. My only reservation is that it is so easy that you could get yourself into trouble if you do not understand partitions and the limitations.

As for your question about FAT FAT32 etc. These are basic format types. FAT & FAT32 are used for the Win98 and older systems. also occasionally for backwards compatability.

NTFS is more advanced and used for WinNT, W200 & XP. In Diskmanager and Partition Magic these are shown in different colours.

  cga 19:02 31 Aug 2004

I was typing and did not see your comment

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