partitionm magic 8.0 stuck on reboot

  GuyR 19:10 26 Jan 2004

running windows 98se, 80gb hard disc, two cd drives.
partitioned the drive as per the instructions, system goes into re boot to allow re naming of drive ID's, system stuck, reads searching for boot record from IDE-0 OK but nothing is happening.
have treid partition magic rescue discs, my own boot disc, will not load into windows.
tried to reload windows from cd, sticks at the system check stage.

have a second machine and as last resort can move drive over and copy some data over, then could partition via fdisk if required, then format.
Not wanting to have to re load all my programs etc.

  GuyR 21:30 27 Jan 2004

I think

  GuyR 21:37 27 Jan 2004

mistakenly hit a key which sent last text, I have exceeded the 1024 size limit for the partition which has made the drive unbootable. I cannot find how to resize to reduce this as I have over 8gb data on the drive.

on line help at powerquest is down, what I cannot fathom at present is that my second machine has two partitions the first over 10Gb second 8gb and it runs no problems, yet on the larger drive PM is telling me that my first partition cannot exceed 8gb, but will not let me make it smaller than 8.2 due to amount of data.

anyone out there who can help me as the manual says need to sort out via the recovery discs but seem to get same message regarding minimum partition size allowed?

I am well confused

  Chegs ® 23:42 27 Jan 2004

Nothing here? click here

Can you access the hdd via DOS from here click here (boot discs for all OS's and an NTFS files from FAT32 filesystems)floppy.If you can,try and copy the data you need to another hdd and then delete the data from the problem hdd.There will probably be another way but if you fancy a bit of old fashioned keyboard typing...

  GuyR 18:11 31 Jan 2004

Thanks it's what I was forced to do in the end, PM rescue discs seemed to just get the system even worse.
Eventually used Maxtor boot and format disc for the hard drive, this allowed me to copy from dodgy drive onto another, then also used the DOS based programm to completely erase all info on the corrupt hard drive. Both took over 5 hours each to accomplish!! but it saved the data.

Forunately once done partitioning the drive + formating using maxtor disc was very quick and easy. Just now have the pain of reloading and getting updates of all software.

  GuyR 18:12 31 Jan 2004

Thanks for advice

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