Partitioning for video editing

  zoobie 22:15 11 Jan 2004

I have a new 60gb HD and will mainly use it to edit video. What's the recommended FAT32 clustersize for this? 4k,8k,16k, or 32k? Thanks

  Pamy 22:22 11 Jan 2004

Not sure what you actually mean, can you give more detail?


  woodchip 22:30 11 Jan 2004

For the Size click here

And software to do it click here

  keenan 23:09 11 Jan 2004

FAT32 partitions less than 8GB in size use a 4kb cluster. FAT32 partitions between 8- and 16-GB use an 8kb cluster. Partitions between 16- and 32-GB get 16kb clusters, etc. You see the pattern :)

  zoobie 00:31 12 Jan 2004

Yes...I've understood all the above long ago...Yet, I want to know what's optimal for video editing...It seems I read somewhere that 8kb was a good selection. Anyone?

  temp003 06:25 12 Jan 2004

With FAT32, all other things being equal, the larger the cluster size, the better the performance. The location of a file on a hard disk is stored in the FAT (file allocation table). The smaller the cluster size, the larger the number of clusters, and the larger the FAT itself becomes (the FAT on a hard disk with an 8KB cluster size will be 4 times as big as the FAT on the same disk with 32KB cluster size).

The larger the FAT, the longer it takes to look through the FAT, especially when the file is fragmented.

Increasing cluster size can mean more wasted disk space if files are small, but since you're using the disk for video editing where files tend to be large, this is not a disadvantage.

So I would have thought accepting the default cluster size of 32KB for your 60GB video hard disk would be fine.

  MichelleC 09:46 12 Jan 2004

I've found 3 (2 is recommended) partitions works best with dv editing: main progs on system hd, editing on 2nd and rendering to 3rd hd. It cuts down on erors etc.

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