Partitioning a new hard drive

  Will 17:14 22 Feb 2005

I have a new hard drive arriveing tomorrow (120Gig) and I expect I will have to partion it to make it manageble. The new HDD is a maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 120GB 7200RPM HDD OEM. I run XP upgraded from Win 98SE.
First question - Is there free software to help partition the disc (I think I can remember how to do it in the BIOS?) or do I have to invest in "Partition Magic"?
Next, I presently have a 6 gig and a 20 gig HDD in position and I intend to remove both of these, conect the new HDD, install XP, then bring the other 2 HDD on one at a time as slaves and transfer some of the data across.
Second question - The presant file system is 32 bit but I want the new intstalation to be NTFS, will I have problems moveing data from the old drives?

  tasslehoff burrfoot 17:18 22 Feb 2005

you should be given the option to partition your drive.

Not sure I understand question 2. If you mean your current filing system is FAT32 then you'll be fine, there will be no conflict between NTFS and FAT.



  Will 17:23 22 Feb 2005

Sorry yes I ment FAT 32 not 32bit and thanks for the info. You have answered my questions really but I will just leave it up for a while to see if there are any other nuggets of info to learn out there.

  FelixTCat 17:38 22 Feb 2005

Yes, partitioning the new hard drive is a good idea. If you still have the Win98 install floppy, boot up with that when you have fitted the new disk and use fdisk.

How you partition the disk is really up to you, but I use 4 GB for a system drive (C:), 10 GB for programs (D:), 10 GB for data (E:), various drives for other uses, eg pictures and finally a 10 GB partition where I copy the install disks of all my programs, including the XP disk, so upgrading, changing and reinstalling is easy.

Once you have partitioned, use the XP boot CD and format the partitions to ntfs and install XP.
When you install your programs, install them all (including drivers) on D: with their data stored on E:. Move My Documents to E:

Finally, fit your old drives and copy the data you want to the new drive's partitions. Use the faster of the old drives to hold the swap file - give it its own partition if you can so that it doesn't become fragmented.

  1514 17:46 22 Feb 2005

click here

You can try this if it works as it is a huge url Max blaster should help

  Will 18:55 22 Feb 2005

Tasslehoff and Felix thank you very much it has given me a lot more confidence to go ahead thanks again.

  FelixTCat 18:59 22 Feb 2005

You're welcome. Remember, you can't break your computer but it can break you.

  Modo 19:43 22 Feb 2005

You can try this if it works as it is a huge url Max blaster should help

Find the CD version on the Maxtor site. It is much much quicker

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