Partitioning Large USB Drive in FAT32

  Churston 06:47 08 Jul 2005

My OS is XP. I have a 250 Gb USB Hard Drive, which I would like to format for use. I would prefer FAT32 so that I have use it with machines that do not have XP.
But having formatted four partitions at 32Gb I can not partition the remaining 108 Gb. Can anybody help?

  dan11 12:50 08 Jul 2005

If you have created 4 primary partitions. You will need to break one down to extended partitions. This thread seems exactly like yours click here

It could only create 4 partitions on a 250 external harddrive. The solution sorted it.

  woodchip 13:36 08 Jul 2005

Hears what I did with a 200gb drive that I made up my self. I first created a Primary partition NTFS in XP this so I could see the Drive in Acronis Disc Management I then restarted in a Win98 computer with Acronis disc created two logical drives fat32, deleted the NTFS partition and created a Primary Fat 32 partition these was all I think about 32Gb I Finally created a big Fat32 Partition about 124Gb Fat32. But after the above I had to let Scandisk sort the Boot sectors out on partitions but no problems since

  Churston 06:49 09 Jul 2005

Deleting partitions so as to start again was no problem. However I am now faced with a problem that Extended Partition has been greyed out, thus only allowing me to created Primary partitions!!! which limits me to the four at 32Mb.

  bremner 08:15 09 Jul 2005

If you use Maxtor's Maxblast for DOS then you can have any size of FAT32 partition click here

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