Partitioning HDD, where to start?

  smy13 11:14 26 Feb 2005

Morning All

Anyone know of a good reference source that will teach me the basics of partitioning my hard drive and secondly recommend some good soft ware for doing the deed ( the simpler the better)


  Gongoozler 11:20 26 Feb 2005

Hi smy13. Is this a new unpartitioned hard drive, or do you want to partition a drive that already has data on it? Do you know the make of the hard drive?

  smy13 11:32 26 Feb 2005

It's never been partitioned to my knowledge and already has data on it I'm running XP the drive size is 120 GB with 30GB being used. From what I've read it might be a good idea to partition my drive so I can make a image in case I suffer A crash this has happened before (not with this PC, so I’d rather not go through a complete install again if I can help it

  Jeffers22 11:43 26 Feb 2005

Take a look here. click here Also put partition hard drive into google. You'll get masses of info.

  bluesbrother 11:51 26 Feb 2005

I use Partition Magic. Use the wizard and you won't go far wrong. click here

I didn't know Norton had taken it over from PowerQuest, hope they haven't mucked about with it.

  Gongoozler 12:03 26 Feb 2005

Hi smy13. As has been suggested above, Partition Magic is about the best for partitioning a hard drive that already has your Operating System on it. If you are reformatting a drive or fitting a new drive, then the drive manufacturer will have a downloadable utility that will do the job.

  smy13 12:09 26 Feb 2005

Good link Jeffers22 Thanks. I tried Google before I posted but the wealth of material was mind blowing plus by past experience I know any advice received via the forum will put me on the right track


  smy13 12:11 26 Feb 2005

Good link at a good price to thanks

  FelixTCat 14:26 26 Feb 2005

If your reason for partitioning is for recovery after a crash, you would be better off getting a second hard drive. Then even if the first drive completely fails, your data is safe.

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