Partitioning a HDD

  bumpkin 19:40 25 Oct 2010

Hello all,
I have inherited a Sony VAIO desktop.
XP Personal Service Pack 3.
Pent 4.

The problem I have is that the HDD has been partitioned into 2 drives C 27.9gb & D 83.8gb.
I don`t want it partitioned I want it as one drive C.
Tried Admin, Disk management etc no good.
Dowloaded EASEUS but I cant get it to this.
Tried to download Partition Magic but just get sent to pay sites or trick sites where you download something else if not very careful.

Any help on this please, I am sure this cant be difficult if one knows.


  Jwbjnwolf 21:01 25 Oct 2010

Try parted magic
click here
its free to download iso image, so download, burn to disk or what ever, boot from it in start up
Its mainly to partition hdd's but you can delete the one you want and extend it to one big drive.
P.S please make a back up so nothing goes wrong, it's simple to use but very risky process.
Hope this is what you want

  GaT7 21:22 25 Oct 2010

As has been mentioned by jwarn, whatever tool you choose, make sure to do a prior & thorough backup of the partitions to another hard drive or removable media. G

  bumpkin 23:03 25 Oct 2010

Thanks to all but all I want to do is resize a partition, surely I can do this without making CD`s?
The machine I am using is not the one that I have the probs with so maybe I should use that one to contact you for the sake of links etc.

Many thanks for your suggestions so far.


  Graham. 23:11 25 Oct 2010

You must be logged on as Administrator. See click here

  bumpkin 23:24 25 Oct 2010

Hi Graham, I am the "Administrator" clearly not the best one in the world but the cross I have to carry.

Ray :)

  BRYNIT 00:11 26 Oct 2010

In Easeus select the D partition and delete it. Select the C partitions and extend it to use the unused area then click on the apply button you then have to weight Wait for it to complete the move.

Unless you have a Windows disk changing the partitions may prevent the recovery files from working.

  Jwbjnwolf 15:37 26 Oct 2010

With all of these tools which should all have the ability to resize partitions.
If you are thinking about enlarging it by a biggish number like 9/10gb use one of these tools as windows does not have the ability to perform big amounts like 8/9gb because in the past I have used partitioning tool in windows and have not been able to change the volume as big as 8/9gb.
And again make a backup preferably on an external drive or what ever is possible.

  scotty 15:48 26 Oct 2010

For starters, can you explain what is on C and what is on D? If you have programs installed on D partition you cannot just move them to C and expect them to work. If it is only data on D then you can do as you plan. Note, you cannot merge partitions. You must delete a partition and then expand the other partition to use the unallocated space. This means you will have to transfer all your data from D partition prior to deleting it.

I give another vote for GParted.

  Jwbjnwolf 16:28 26 Oct 2010

I guess GParted also uses Linux like with parted magic.
Well I give a vote on giving one of these a try and it will do what you mean to do.
If you find one is not what you want then try another.
click here
here is a guide which shows you screen shots, your task is basically the same.
And I guess this GParted is similar as well.
It is very straight forward and you should be back on track in about 7-10 minites depending on the task.

  bumpkin 17:17 26 Oct 2010

Hi again, thanks for the replies. BRYNIT, I am reluctant to delete partition D as I am unsure what is on it. Has hundreds of files but not normal file
names. Files show long lines of lower case digits and numbers which make no sense 30 or 40 digits long.

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