Partitioning Harddrive advice plz?

  meniscus 17:00 15 May 2006

Im using windows XP but want to set up a partition for Linux. Is "partition magic" software the easiest way of doing this?
I have a 160G HDD with 1024 RAM. Ill be using primarily Linux but still want to keep XP. Any tips? Is there anything I should watch out
for>memory allocation for instance?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:20 15 May 2006

You do not need to buy partition here


  DieSse 18:08 15 May 2006

If you try the free version of Xandros, it will automatically create you a partition, of the size you want, and put in a boot loader which enables you to choose Win or Xandros when you boot.

Xandros is particularly easy to get to grips with when you're used to a Wn OS.

You can also try out many Linux distros from a CD (called a "Live" CD) without it using or modifying your hard drive in any way.

Xandros click here

Ubuntu/Kubuntu click here

  meniscus 11:12 16 May 2006

Thanks for those tips. One of the lads here at work mentioned linux Fedora to me. Is there any advantage/disadvantage of using this kind, over the ones ye suggested>functionality for instance? I want to be able to download and use the free packages Lm_sensor package, RDDTool, Collectd and RDDGraphing Front-end. Do all linux types support these? and all free source codes in general?

  Mavericke 00:22 18 May 2006

Tried installing ubuntu which was downloaded into my hard drive and then burning it into a DVD but guess what? When I tried to install after a bootup, the system does not recognise the DVD although when I burn the .iso it is being burned as a bootup DVD.

Question: Could it be that I need a floppy to install ubuntu? It happens to me when I have tried to install Mandriva Linux.


  Smiler 12:00 18 May 2006

Why did you burn it to a dvd and not a cd??

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