Partitioning Hard Drive & Moving Files

  Lawro 17:28 15 Mar 2005

I have just partitioned my hard drive using Partition Magic 8 and I now have three partitions which I had planned to use as follows :-

one for my XP Home operating system (C:), one for my document files (F:) and one for my programme files (P:).

My question is, how do I move my programme files that are currently in my C: drive to the new P: drive and still ensure that all my shortcuts etc remain functional ? Or to put it another, when I access my programmes via Start and then Programmes, how do I ensure that the programmes links still work ?

Hope this makes sense. You'll probably gather that I'm not the "sharpest tool in the box" when it comes to PC's. Thanks in advance.

  Tycho 17:08 18 Mar 2005

My suspicion is that you can't move programme files once the programme is installed.

Before I did my last major reformat and installed all of my programmes again I used to have a D: drive on which to install programmes. I decided that this was pointless when I noticed 1) that some installers insist on a C: drive install and don't give yo an option for anything else and 2) that most programmes install odd bits and pieces on the C: drive even though I was installing on the D: drive.



  Diemmess 17:27 18 Mar 2005

You have taken the first step......Tycho is almost correct, you cannot single out applications and merely copy them elsewhere. They are already integrated with your OS registry. There are a few (often freebies) which have a self executing ability but really the choice of partition must be made when you first install.

Most basic applications can be installed on a separate partition (like Office and all its apps).

Once installed they too will be integrated with the OS drive and if that has to be reformatted you will still have to reinstall all these again if they are going to work.

Some like the AV and Firewalls are best installed on the OS partition anyway.

In your situation, if you are happy with the OS then leave it alone........ Use your documents drive for ALL data - docs, pictures, and everything of that sort, but name individual folders so that you can go or save straight to that place where you can find it again.

You can use some cloning program which will copy an image of a good clean working "c: drive" to a safe place on your third partition.

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